Ev Cochrane: Turquoise Skies — Echoes of Creation | EU2016

Ev Cochrane offered a systematic analysis of the earliest pictographs of ancient Egypt and Mesoamerica in order to document a universal tradition of a “green” or turquoise-colored sun in former times. The evidence showed that the Turquoise Sun stood at the very heart of ancient accounts of Creation. If such traditions have a basis in reality, it stands to reason that modern understandings of the solar system’s recent history are seriously flawed and outdated.

Ev is the author of numerous articles and books arguing the case for recent planetary catastrophes. A graduate of Iowa State University, he earned an M.S. in genetics, 1982. Ev is the author of Martian Metamorphoses (1997); The Many Faces of Venus (2001); Starf*cker (2006); and On Fossil Gods and Forgotten Worlds (2010). He is currently working on major monographs on astral religion in Ancient Egypt, the Greek myth of Phaethon, and myths of Creation.

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