A Weekend With Wal Downunder…

If you’re downunder and want to know more about the Electric Universe, don’t miss this upcoming event. ASTRO SA (Alternative Science and Technology Research Organisation of South Australia) are hosting a two day information-packed event featuring Wal Thornhill, in Adelaide.

It starts on Friday October 14th from 8:30pm with an introductory session titled “Why Do We Need a New Cosmology?”. This will be followed on Saturday October 15th with an afternoon session at 4:30pm to 6:30pm titled “Our Understanding of Basic Science”, and an evening session from 8:30pm until 10:30pm titled “Our Place in the Universe and Possible Science of the Future”.

Astro SA are generously supporting the event by offering each day for only $10 at the door! This is a seldom-offered chance for Aussie followers of the Electric Universe to introduce their friends and family to the theory.

This will happen at Cumberland Park Community Centre, 388-390 Goodwood Road, Cumberland Park, so put this in your diary of must-do events!


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