Ben Davidson: An Introduction to Earthspots | EU2015

The sun has sunspots. The earth has earthspots. The two systems are not merely similar, but nearly identical. The physical and energetic characteristics of each of these phenomena suggest a deeper, electrical connection between the earth and sun. Tropical storms, tornadoes, atmospheric pressure, earthquakes, volcanoes – all are related to the earthspot phenomenon. In our daily news show, we have witnessed these connections at work on a weekly basis. This will be a brief introduction to earthspots, and a new way to look at our world.

Ben Davidson is the researcher behind the Suspicious0bserver channel on YouTube, a channel that has rocketed to tens of millions of views. Ben was classically trained in law and legal research before taking up independent research in diverse sciences. His online presence has been a constant source of data dissemination, inspiring public interest in a variety of scientific fields, including the ‘electric universe’ theories. Ben focuses on the daily solar environment and the electromagnetic interactions between the sun, earth, and the galaxy.

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