The Justinian Plague of 562 A.D. an Electromagnetic Drama?


Artist rendering of Yersinia pestis (formerly known as Pasteurella pestis).


Oct 26, 2015

1500 years ago a pungent world plague nearly exterminated the human race!

Thomas Short wrote: “from 562 A.D. a plague raged for 52 years the like of which has never been seen before or since!” Conventional wisdom maintains this worldwide plague began in Ethiopia and was carried by ship-born rats to Europe and beyond. With our new knowledge of bacteria and viruses being carried by vectors far above the Earth this theory of deployment has been questioned. Our pertinent scrutiny asks not only what caused this exterminating plague, with its incredible and unmatched virulence, but whether some parallel catastrophic events had a similar foundational driver? In other words does the Electric Universe connect many of mankind’s epic cataclysmic dramas to an overriding, sometimes curiously chaotic force?

But hang on! How deadly was this unique plague? It was totally chaotic in nature! It struck in many different seasons whilst its virulence and invasiveness changed from city to city and amongst every age group and gender it was ruthlessly indiscriminate! And, unusually, even if one survived, no immunity was guaranteed from the next episode. Death was usually within three days from multiple causes. Buboes and high fever, carbuncles and suicidal madness, but quick and immediate death. The manner of infection was also indiscriminate from touching to mere association. The mortality rate was horrific when compared to modern experiences of plague or any other pathology. Short says that in ancient Constantinople (Istanbul) alone, 10,000 people died a day when the plague struck!

Placing this dreadful scourge aside, and examining parallel events, we find some remarkable coincidences! During this plague period from 519 A.D. to 605A.D. no less than nine highly visible comets were seen. Weird blood coloured flashing skies and strangely multiple Suns often accompanied this scenario! Also associated were ten incredibly destructive earthquake storms (e.g. Antioch 200,000 dead) and seven worldwide mega famines. Accompanying this were totally chaotic and unseasonable weather with cataclysmic inundations by water, wind and tempest.

At this stage I emphasize these famines and other dramas were not normal occurrences. For instance on several occasions Short notes the famines were so devastating that women horrifically ate or sold their own children!

In the widespread earthquakes whole towns were swallowed up and lakes formed and cities burned (methane seepage?) Are these parallel events associated? The possibility of an EU connection should be considered. For instance, what drives the virulence of bacteria? Stimulation of growth and degradation by ions, neutrons, electrons and the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation are claimed from various sources. Thus what place do not only solar events have to play in bacterial invasiveness but possibly the presence of certain types of mankind’s classically dreaded comet?

Comets, although they travel fairly well defined elliptical orbits, are virtually undecoded phenomena. Some pass by the sun harmlessly, some disintegrate and break into many sections (a la Shoe Maker levy 9).Others graze by the sun with little known effect, whilst occasionally some bury themselves in the sun and appear to translate to CMEs on the opposite side. The factors governing this seemingly, but probably not, chaotic behaviour is a mystery.

However, we have come to understand they are negatively charged concretions travelling through the Solar System, somewhat like a mobile z pinch. They must therefore interrelate to other electrets. But the methodology of this behaviour is merely speculation If a comet can in some cases cause a C.M.E to blossom from the Sun or a Shoemaker-Levy 9 cause destruction on Jupiter, can it equally, under certain, unchartered harmonics, effect the earth? Certainly anecdotal evidence from Short’s chronicles suggests just this inferred behaviour of these nine spectacular comets! Equally we are satisfied that Earthquakes are shaped in some way by electrical phenomena, possibly Telluric currents undergound reacting to a positive or negative lack of stimulus?

As Wal Thornhill has often noted,” Earthquakes are like underground thunder and lightning.” Can they be encouraged by the electrical influence of a comet, glow mode planet, hypo or hyper active Sun on Earth, which itself an electret?

Finally. weather is more and more being seen as electrical phenomena, certainly by EU advocates. In addition, Chaos theory maintains that outside attractors establish a new harmonic! These constantly adjusting, perhaps radically adjusting, electromagnetic influences are the central cause of heavily chaotic, unseasonal and extreme weather. This in turn causes dramatic famine and drought.

From all these possibly related events Short quotes: “two thirds of all people died” Here is a summary from one of his primary sources, Chronicle Magdeburg: “This plague was preceded often by the appearance of several Suns at the same time. Other times the Sun was quite darkened. A comet appeared a whole year together, darting forth its beams like swords. The Heavens seemed all of a flame and several other meteors fell.”

Nowadays we automatically dismiss this evidence from a bygone era as fanciful, exaggerated and primitive. Comparatively, many geologists equally dismiss the idea of catastrophic formations of Earth’s landscape from Strabo’s ancient chronicle, “Geographies”. Perhaps we should be wiser and less arrogant! Perhaps we should study more of these old sources in search of unravelling EU phenomena?

Peter Mungo Jupp

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