EU Workshop Schedule



Please note: The schedule is subject to change without notice.

Friday, November 14

4:00 PM Registration and Information Desk Opens
7:30 David Novak: Welcome and Introduction of Co-MC Annis Scott
7:40 Annis Scott: Introduction of Speakers
7:50 David Talbott: Reflections on the Ancient Sky
8:20 Wal Thornhill: Breaking News: EU Update
8:50 Keynote ~ Don Scott: Modeling Birkeland Currents in Space
9:40 David Novak: Closing Remarks

Saturday, November  15

8:15  AM David Novak: Welcome and Announcements
8:30 Wal Thornhill: Blinded by the Sun
9:15 Dave Talbott: “Creation” as Events Seen & Heard ~ Part A
10:15 Morning Break
10:30 Ev Cochrane: The “Marriage” of Venus and Mars
11:15 David Novak: Questions from Attendees
12:00 PM
Lunch Break
1:30 Wal Thornhill: The Star ‘Proto-Saturn’
2:15 Dave Talbott: “Creation” as Events Seen & Heard ~ Part B
3:00 Afternoon Break
3:15 Wal Thornhill: Lightning-scarred Mars and Venus
4:00 Dave Novak: Questions from Attendees
5:00 Dinner Break

Sunday, November 16

8:15 AM David Novak: Announcements
8:30 Don Scott: Modeling Birkeland Currents ~ Part Two
9:20 Dave Talbott: Universal Goddess and Warrior-King
10:00 Morning Break
10:15 Ev Cochrane: The Catastrophic Fall of Phaeton
11:00 Wal Thornhill: Electric Comets and Asteroids
11:45 David Novak: Questions from Attendees
12:30 PM
Lunch Break
1:30 Dave Talbott: Venus as the Whirling Heart of Heaven
2:15 Wal Thornhill: An Electric Cosmology for the 21st-Century
3:00 Afternoon Break
Dave Talbott: The Ladder of Heaven
4:00 David Novak: Questions from Attendees
5:00 Break and Refresh
BANQUET ~ Maryvale Room
9:30 Dave Talbott: Closing Remarks


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