Chapter 4 — The Rest of the Story

Of note: Our friend and associate, Thomas Findlay, passed away July 11, 2021. His eulogy illustrates what an enlightened man he was. We will miss him with the knowledge that his legacy, The Beginner’s View of Our Electric Universe, lives on.

If you are a newcomer, we urge you to click here to complete your introduction to the Electric Universe:

1. What the problem is
2. The thinking that got us here
3. We are waiting for answers to these questions
4. Some basic theory that will help
5. The work of the honourable but ignored
6. The Electric Universe answers I see
7. A final word

References in the book

Over the past year, several principals of the Electric Universe community have had the opportunity to review Tom Findlays’ book, The Beginner’s View of Our Electric Universe. We believe that this book deserves special attention and offers us the best opportunity to complete the Beginner’s Guide.  Wal Thornhill said:

Tom Findlay’s book is a remarkable contribution from a newcomer to the Electric Universe. He shows the impact that this new and simpler way of seeing the universe can have on a practical man with a keen interest in astronomy. “A Beginner’s View” is easy to read and copiously illustrated. Tom makes a heartfelt plea for individuals to participate in science once more; to use their intuition and common-sense to question the science fiction headlines and gross expenditure on massive projects. After all, history shows most great breakthroughs are made by individuals, most of them outsiders.

Tom’s book is available in three different formats, including a FREE PDF:

From the beginning I decided that this book should be offered, most importantly, in a form that is free of any cost. This was so concerns about exchanging money or personal information could be avoided for the sake of the book’s widest possible distribution within the public domain. I also wanted to have at least the potential for getting something back for my efforts, and this is one reason why I have also made available two other versions of the book: an eBook for convenient reading on handheld devices and PCs, and a full version for those who prefer having something to hold in their hands.

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