Dr. Ed Dowdye: Solar Gravitation and Solar Plasma Wave Propagation on Interaction | EU2014

Dr. Edward Dowdye is a laser optics engineer and former NASA physicist who argues the case for classical mechanics in attempting to explain observational quandaries that had hitherto remained the province of abstract theories like Einstein’s Relativity. In his presentation this year, Dr. Dowdye tackled one of the most widely touted predictions of General Relativity (GRT), namely the bending of light paths by massive objects. He presented compelling empirical evidence that the direct relationship between light and gravitation in vacuum space does not exist. Crucially, he pointed out that when GRT was conceived, plasma was unknown, and the limb of the Sun was considered to be a boundary between the photosphere and the vacuum of space. Dr. Dowdye takes account of what is now known to be a plasma atmosphere surrounding the Sun to considerable altitude and applies Gauss’s law of gravitation and conventional optics to the problem.

Dr. Dowdye is the originator of the Extinction Shift Principle, which challenges General and Special Relativity, and is an electrical engineer, formerly of NASA, with degrees in mathematics and physics.

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