Beginner’s Guide Glossary

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Gravity-centric: Today’s standard theories in astronomy consider gravity to be the primary driving force of the universe, with electricity playing a relatively minor role in local events and no role at all on the grander scale. This “gravity-centric” view leaves standard cosmologists no choice but to invoke hypothetical black holes, dark matter, neutron stars, and other new physics to explain the intensely energetic events we now observe in space.

Paradigm: A paradigm is a broad interpretation or “world view,” often encompassing a wide range of theories that share an underlying principle. The Electric Universe paradigm differs from more conventional approaches by its emphasis on electrical connectivity.  In this view, everything from vast galactic “islands” in space down to the cellular constituents of living systems is connected electrically to larger contexts, revealing a more unified substructure of the natural world.

Plasma: In the visible universe, plasma is the most common state of matter, and all objects in the universe move through a sea of plasma.  Though similar in some ways to a gas, plasma is partially ionized. Freely moving charged particles give it a unique ability to conduct electric currents.   Often called the fourth state of matter—after solids, liquids and gasses—plasma behaves much differently from a neutral gas. Electric currents in plasma create magnetic fields that confine and shape plasma activity. In this way the electric force can organize elaborate cosmic structures while also provoking the intense electromagnetic emissions now revealed by today’s advanced telescopes.

Ionization: When subjected to heat, electromagnetic radiation, or voltage difference, atoms can lose or gain electrons. In this way, atoms are broken down into negatively and positively charged particles or ions. It is the presence of dissociated electrons and positive ions in a gas that defines an electrically conductive plasma. Discovery of the plasma universe has opened the door to discovery of the Electric Universe.

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