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EU2013 Conference Scholarship Recipients!

As of December 14th, we have named thirteen student conference scholars, almost double the number we originally anticipated.  We may have a few more to name in the coming days. Look here frequently for the latest updates.

EU2013 Evan Camp Scholar Thumbnail

Evan Camp

Evan’s passion to inspire his students is infectious. He became interested in the Electric Universe when a student asked him a question about mass extinction theories. In his search for answers, he ran into the Thunderbolts Website, and that encounter provoked an intensive investigation. He found in the Electric Universe a comprehensive view of nature . . .

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EU2013 Laura Fridley Scholar thumbnail

Laura Fridley

Laura is a second year graduate student of psychology at City University of Seattle and holds a Bachelors of Political Science (summa cum laude). She recently learned about the Electric Universe while searching for information on plasma cosmology–a deep interest of hers.

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EU2013 Robert Bloomquist Scholar thumbnail

Robert Bloomquist

Robert finds the EU particularly interesting because it is a perfect example of an ever evolving science. He firmly believes that it is important to keep an open mind as a student and to always make room for new discoveries. He appreciates the opportunity to be involved with the Electric Universe as it reaches the “Tipping Point.”

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EU2013 Monte Fleming Scholar Thumbnail III

Monte Fleming

Monte is finishing a Master’s Degree in Geology at Loma Linda University and teaches at California Preparatory College in Redlands, California. He appreciates the Electric Universe’s contributions to his teaching, because it sparks students’ creativity rather than crushing it.

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EU2013 Kurt Kung Scholar Thumbnail

Kurt Kung

In early 2012, Kurt was fascinated by the work of Dr. Jerry Pollack’s lab and joined the team. In the lab, he focuses on investigating how microwave frequency electromagnetic waves effect water and studies the birefringence phenomenon that happens in some interfacial water.

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EU2013 Alec Pruett Scholars thumbnail

Alec Pruett

Even though Alec has all honors classes, he has attained straight A’s throughout his entire school career. His favorite teacher is his Honors Science instructor and fellow Electric Universe enthusiast, Mr. Evan Camp, who was our First EU Scholarship recipient.

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EU2013 Jason Lowman Scholar thumbnail

Jason Lowman

After years of following the EU concept as it continued to evolve, Jason was inspired to return to college to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University and to continue his education as a Space Systems Master of Science student at the Florida Institute of Technology.

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EU2013 Adam Rapp Scholar Thumbnail II

Adam Rapp

Adam is an “A” honor roll student and has been since he started grade school. He particularly enjoys math. As an eighth grader, he is sent to the high school daily to take Algebra classes not offered at the middle school and will take the SAT this year at Northwestern. He loves to read books, to listen to music and to learn anything new.

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EU2013 ivan Stancek Scholar Thumbnail II

Ivan Stancek

Ivan Stancek will be a first year student at Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. For the last several years, he has conducted research in magnetism and its asymmetrical properties. He believes that magnetic theory can bring the other theories to greater simplicity than they are today. Ivan discovered the Electric Universe concept when he become unsettled over dark matter explanations.

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EU2013 Pancho Eliott Thumbnail II

Pancho Eliott

Pancho Eliott has always enjoyed the puzzles and challenging ideas that arise throughout life, especially the ones from both math and physics. This 19-year old is enjoying his second year at the University of Manchester, UK studying many areas from pure mathematics to more applicable physics. He grew up with a printed set of Halton Arp’s anomalous galaxies above the kitchen fireplace.

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EU2013 Cameran Frisbee Thumbnail II

Cameran Frisbee

Cameran Frisbee is a 33 year old artist and student at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, California. After spending most of her life in Woods Hole and Boston, Massachusetts, Cameran decided to join the US Air Force at age 21. She has always been enchanted by mankind’s prospects for traveling to other planets, and beyond to the stars.

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EU2013 Justin Quinn Scholar Thumbnail

Justin Quinn

While Justin Quinn had always had an interest in Math and Science, his college study focused almost exclusively on the humanities, because he felt that those were the areas where he could make the most unique and original contributions. But this opinion changed after he discovered the Electric Universe and realized that physics is not yet etched in stone.

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EU2013 Rain Wrenn Scholar Thumbnail

Rain Wrenn

Rain Wrenn is 17 years old and currently a senior at Roosevelt High School in Seattle, Washington. Her interests include scuba diving, traveling, making art, cooking and dancing. She will be graduating early in order to work full time to raise money for her travels abroad in the coming months. She has always had a deep connection to the sciences.

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