Las Vegas Conference a Stunning Success

Several days after the event we’re still assimilating a huge potential for the Thunderbolts Project growing out of our stunningly successful Las Vegas conference (ELECTRIC UNIVERSE 2012: The Human Story, January 6-8). For now, we simply provide below the briefest samplings of comments we received from attendees:

“The best conference ever!” [The single most common observation]

“An inspiring event. Science at its best.”

“Loved the convergence of ideas from multiple disciplines.”


“Fantastic event; made me the most excited I’ve been about physics since my undergrad days.”

“I’m overwhelmed.”

“I found the conference riveting.”

“I’m excited to see the new active participants from the mainstream.”

“I’m waiting for my brain cells to coalesce back to “normal.”

“I learned more this weekend that I’ve learnt in ten years.”

“The EU paradigm is a lightning rod for seekers of truth in science.”

“My mind was blown all over my face!”

“To discover that the electric universe model can be applied to the human body, human biology and human health was surprising and personally gratifying to me as a physician.”

“I was inspired by the energy of the speakers and the audience, the passion and unexpected synergy of topics.”

There will no-doubt be much more news to come from the conference but suffice to say for now that it was such a huge success that it has cemented its place as an annual event on the EU calendar.

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