Article 10 : Are some ideas in today’s science ready for retirement? – Part 1


by Rev Nicholas Sykes

 In previous articles I have pointed to certain ideas which, having gained currency and respectability in current physics, are now severely challenged by new perspectives. Here are additional points about some of these in turn.

Einstein’s theories of relativity.

The great fashionable certainty that Einstein’s theories have reached the status of “fact” is overturned by the new paradigm. The Special Theory is overturned by the understanding of the new paradigm about the nature of gravitational action. Gravity is indeed not an unfathomable influence that one object distant from a second object has upon it without a connection between them. The idea that it was “action at a distance” was actually a criticism that Sir Isaac Newton received over his work.

Newton himself said that the idea that one body could act upon another at a distance without some intermediary action was wholly unacceptable. However he did not publish any developed ideas he may ever have had about the nature of the intermediary action. In a famous phrase, he said “I frame no hypotheses.” Nevertheless, Newton’s mathematics was directly applicable to a model of the apparently instantaneous action of gravity between two bodies separated from one another. In its revolutions around the Sun, the Earth conforms to a Newtonian model very well: the fact that it is not thrown out of orbit progressively by every revolution must mean that the gravitation between the Sun and the Earth operates so fast that it could be considered to be instantaneous.

The Electric Universe paradigm maintains that the gravitational influence of the Sun upon the Earth does act upon it by a discoverable process through the intermediary of what older philosophers referred to as the “aether”, but that the speed with which this happens is vastly greater than the speed of light waves. This can be compared to mechanical wave motion, in which the speed of sound is vastly greater than the speed with which the ripples on a pond travel. The new paradigm’s proposal for understanding the nature of gravitation will be left to further articles. But the fact (established by the observation of solar planetary orbits) that gravitation operates at a speed greater than light waves wholly undermines the Theory of Relativity, which requires light to be the “fastest conceivable messenger”.

 It is widely believed that Einsteinian relativity is confirmed by the Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887, but the chief experimenter Michelson never considered this to be the case, nor did Ernst Mach, Lorentz or Poincaré. In our time a growing number of scientists have made studies and maintain also that it is not so.

Other widespread beliefs are that relativity calculations give correct results for the atomic clock adjustments that must be made for GPS satellites and for the bending of the light from a distant object as it passes near the Sun. These and other results that were thought to be firm proofs of relativity are all now being questioned. A useful search of these matters can be made through the website

Magnetic Reconnection.

This concept is set to become one of the biggest embarrassments of cosmologists today. It displays perhaps the most blatant example of runaway mathematics, when a physical process can be said to be confirmed by equations, while the process itself is described by the supposed behaviour of mental constructs – in this case, lines of magnetic force.

Lines of force, like contours and isobars, are only visualised, forming a conceptual aid for the human mind, and they have no physical existence. “Magnetic reconnection” requires some of the lines of magnetic force associated with a body such as a meteor or a comet travelling in a planetary or solar magnetic field to break and reconnect in a new configuration of lines, with an attendant release of energy. What is not stated, is what reality “broken” lines of force could possibly represent. By the very nature of the force field that they represent, lines of force are continuous and have no ending.

 A positive thing that can be said about this fairly recent concept is that it forms a halting stumble towards the concept of active electricity being involved in the running of the universe. This is because, as all students should know, and as electromagnetism demonstrates, magnetic fields are caused by electric currents.

It should be a short conceptual step to realise that the release of energy considered to be caused by magnetic reconnection is much more plausibly seen to be the fruits of an electrical discharge across layers of plasma, caused by electrical stress breaking through the insulation that separates them.

 In the last article, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Black Holes, the Oort Cloud, and the Big Bang too were cited as candidates for retirement, along with Einsteinian relativity and magnetic reconnection that had been thought about in earlier articles. Dark Matter and Dark Energy are seen to be mathematically necessary in a Gravitational Universe. Can they survive in an Electric Universe? I hope to move on to this issue next time.

  With thanks for feedback from Scott Wall.

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Bishop Nicholas Sykes

Nicholas JG Sykes, B Sc, Dip Ed, MTS Taught in mainly public schools and a teachers college for over 20 years, in Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and the United Kingdom in science and mathematics, as well as religious education, becoming the chairman of the Association of Science Teachers of Jamaica in 1979. Ordained priest in 1976 and consecrated bishop in 2012, currently the Rector of St. Alban's Anglican Church, George Town, immediate past Secretary of the Cayman Ministers' Association, and member of the Cayman Islands Human Rights Commission. Authored the book “The Dependency Question - a study of Church and State in the Cayman Islands” and numerous articles. Happily married for over 40 years to wife Winnifred, with three adult children born in Jamaica, and several grandchildren.