How We Crossed Paths by Mike Heckrotte

Thunderblog Mike Heckrotte

As an Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineer, I subscribe to an email list forum for Product Safety and EMC Regulatory Compliance professionals. In 2009 there was an off-topic discussion about the electrical nature of tornados and one of the members suggesting Googling “Electric Universe.” I did so and came across The Thunderbolts …

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Preview with Richard Moore | EU2015

EU2015 Richard Moore 150X165

At the forthcoming The Thunderbolts Project EU 2015 Conference: Paths of Discovery, a number of a speakers will be presenting evidence that so-called climate change on Earth is a naturally occurring process from the Sun-Earth electromagnetic relationship. One of these speakers is Richard Moore, who received his degree in mathematics …

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Preview with Ben Davidson | EU2015

EU2014 Ben Davidson 150X165

Ben Davidson, the researcher behind, has conducted a remarkable investigation into a variety of scientific fields, including the Electric Universe theory. Through his online presence, Ben provides data on the daily solar environment, and the electromagnetic interactions between the Earth, Sun and Galaxy. As a featured speaker at the forthcoming EU2015 …

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Preview with Michael Steinbacher | EU2015

EU2015 Michael Steinbacher photo

A growing community of scientists and independent investigators are exploring the effects of electrical discharges on planetary surfaces. A key figure in this blossoming field is Michael Steinbacher, a professional photographer who has studied the geological formations in the American Southwest. He is scheduled to speak at the forthcoming EU2015 Conference: …

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