Mysterious Electric Mercury | Space News

In April 2015, the NASA spacecraft MESSENGER completed its more than four year journey in the orbit of the planet Mercury. New discoveries in the mission have emphasized just how mysterious Mercury is for planetary scientists. Recurring features across the entire planet have recently left planetary scientists searching for answers.

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Mohammad Reza Shafizadeh

Mohammad Reza Shafizadeh 3, 532X440

It is with pride and enthusiasm that we present the story below of the young Iranian scientist, Mohammad Reza Shafizadeh.   The Thunderbolts Project offered Mohammad a student scholarship to the EU2014 conference, and, after much work, he gained approval from the Iranian government to attend. Sadly, under the time constraints, …

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Electric Star Formation Confirmed | Space News

Today, physicist Wal Thornhill begins a series of reports on some remarkably significant recent discoveries in the space sciences. Scientists using the Herschel space observatory have observed in unprecedented detail filamentary structures throughout the Milky Way galaxy. A recent report states, “…ESA’s Herschel space observatory has been a true …

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