Stephen Crothers: General Relativity – a Case Study in Numerology | EU2015


At our fourth conference EU2015: Paths of Discovery, Stephen Crothers re-examined the renown General Theory of Relativity. This is his complete talk, presented on Monday, June 29, 2015.

Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity lies hidden behind an impenetrable wall of complicated mathematics, superposed upon the widespread misconception that only those smarter than the average bear, with a penchant for doing long sums, can possibly understand it.

However, the truth differs widely from the syllabus. Although mathematics is unnecessary for an understanding as to why cosmology is both logically inconsistent and disconnected from reality, mainstream cosmologists routinely resort to mathematical mysticism in their attempts to justify and impose their demonstrably false dogmatic beliefs.

Revealed are the sacred secrets of tensor calculus and its accoutrements in order to see through the mathematical smoke and mirrors. Anybody with high-school knowledge of calculus is more than well prepared to deal with these matters—the most frightening truth cosmologists must face. After all, calculations themselves are mere mechanical operations that impart no knowledge of their purpose in relation to physics.

Curiously, since it has been proven that neither Einstein nor his followers knew how to do their sums right—hint: they don’t add up—is sufficient to render them a form of numerology, which, like sympathetic magic and phrenology, hinders advancement of knowledge.

Stephen J. Crothers, a preeminent mathematician based in Queensland, Australian, is counted among the most competent critics of the Standard Model of Cosmology—including the all-encompassing Big Bang Theory. He has also systematically unraveled Black Hole theory, showing that its mathematical model follows neither from observation nor from any logical reasoning from the General Theory of Relativity.

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