Ev Cochrane: Warrior. Goddess. Venus. | Thunderbolts


A scientific theory of mythology should be able to explain the genesis and specific content of ancient myth. The earliest mythological traditions of Mesopotamia describe the planet Venus as the warrior goddess ‘Inanna’. Analogous behavior is reported of the Akkadian ‘Ishtar’, Canaanite ‘Astarte’, Egyptian ‘Hathor’, Ugaritic ‘Anat’, and the Indian ‘Kali’.

Comparative mythologist Ev Cochrane reveals how the archetypal myth of the warrior goddess—many who are explicitly identified with Venus—is associated with a destructive rampage at the dawn of time that brought our world to the very brink of destruction.

If nature relies on electromagnetic signals, what happens when these signals become chaotic? Perhaps the devastating Bubonic plague of 1346–1353 (aka The Black Death) illustrates just such a black picture.

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