Andrew Hall: San Andreas Fault – A Dragon in Action? | Space News

In keeping with the “Eye of the Storm” (EOS) series protocol, author and Thunderbolts colleague Andrew Hall uses Earth’s geology, the planet Jupiter, and the fractal self similarities of charge diffusion as our living laboratory for evidence. This episode’s focus is the San Andreas Fault.

As discussed in the previous EOS chapters, river channels align with faults that are cracks in the Earth caused by the intense heat, pressure and charge depletion of an arc blast from surface conductive discharges. They are literally the dragon’s footprint. But not all dragon prints result in river channels. In some places, surface conductive discharges created faults that were later buried, or somehow isolated from a watershed, so no river resulted. The San Andreas Fault is one such beast.

“Eye of the Storm” series — Episode 9, Part 2
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