Dr. Jerry Tennant: Recharge & Regenerate | Electricity of Life

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In part one of this series, Dr. Tennant began his first in a series of lectures on the intrinsic connection between physical health and wellbeing, and the complex electrical circuitry throughout the human body. He shared the theoretical foundations of his life’s work which led to the establishment of healing protocols to restore our body’s natural voltage. Specifically, Dr. Tennant explored the human body’s capacity for regeneration, a phenomenon seen in some animal species throughout nature.

In this presentation, Dr. Tennant explains how the body’s electrical circuitry, and its ability to recharge and regenerate, is governed by the available voltage in our muscles and organs.

The notion of the body as a “electronic device” seems at odds with conventional medicine in the 21st century, and yet it seems that virtually every day, we learn of new scientific breakthroughs illuminating the effects of electric and magnetic fields on living cells and organisms.

Dr. Jerry Tennant: Voltage & Regeneration | Electricity of Life

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