Robert Hawthorne: Upheaval Dome & the Obsession Stone | Space News

In his previous presentation, electric geology investigator Robert Hawthorne explored the stupendous geological feature in the American Southwest known as Upheaval Dome. As Robert explained, while standard geology favors the interpretation that Upheaval Dome was created by a kinetic impact, the hypothesis that the feature was created by interplanetary lightning finds great support in the geologic evidence.

Now, in Part Two of this presentation, Robert includes recent experimental research which shows that chemical changes in rock normally attributed to impact such as “shocked quartz” are also produced by powerful lightning. He introduces an unusual rock associated with the Upheaval Dome site, called the Obsession Stone, whose discoverers were able to submit the rock for professional chemical analysis.

In conclusion, Robert explains how his analysis only strengthens the electrical discharge hypothesis.

Part One of Robert Hawthorne’s Upheaval Dome presentation…
Upheaval Dome & Lightning-Scarred Earth | Space News

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