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For more than a decade, among the individuals exploring the concepts of an Electric Universe, a community has arisen which is devoted to exploring the surface of planet Earth. The geological processes of an Electric Universe go well beyond the theoretical toolkit in standard geology. Laboratory experiments involving electrical discharge to solid surfaces reveal familiar features seen on every rocky body in the solar system, including our home planet.

For a number of years, a variety of independent investigators have participated in regular group expeditions in the American Southwest, gathering evidence and developing analyses based on their observations. Robert Hawthorne Jr. is a significant and active contributor to the Electric Universe Geology group. During EU2017: Future Science, the Thunderbolts conference held in Phoenix that August, his Ongoing Exhibit, “Ejecta From Upheaval Dome, Utah”, was a Peer-to-Peer Sharing feature of the Breakout salon.

In part one of this two part presentation, Robert offers his analysis on what may be one of the best candidates for an electrical scarring feature on Earth — the so-called Upheaval Dome in Canyonlands National Park in Utah.

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