Mars Quakes Jolt Planetary Science | Space News

New scientific reports from scientists with NASA’s Insight mission reveal startling data about the planet Mars – data which challenges some fundamental ideas in planetary science.

In late November of 2016, the InSight lander touched down on the red planet’s surface. One of the most surprising discoveries for investigators came in April of last year, when the lander detected a rumble of seismic activity. According to the scientists, to date they’ve detected a total of 450 quakes, with an average magnitude roughly the equivalent of a 3 to 4 magnitude earthquake.

This discovery is highly significant, since space scientists have previously ruled out the possibility of plate tectonics in the Martian interior — the hypothetical mechanism that geologists have long believed cause earthly quakes.

However, as we explain in this presentation, the discovery of seismic activity on a world with “no plate tectonics” is not a surprise to proponents of the Electric Universe.

• Smithsonian Magazine – “InSight Lander’s First Big Batch of Data Reveals Mars’ Seismic Activity and Surprising Magnetism”

• Wal Thornhill – “Electric Earthquakes”

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