Ray Gallucci: The Electrical Birth of the Asteroid Belt – An Analysis | Space News

How and when did the asteroids and comets in our solar system form? For countless decades, astronomers have embraced the story that these small rocky bodies are the primordial leftovers of our solar system’s formation, supposedly from a nebular cloud four and a half billion years ago. Of course, as viewers of this series have long known, science discovery has done little to nothing to support this view. In fact, one of the great surprises of the Space Age is that asteroids and comet nuclei appear remarkably similar – they have complex, rocky and rubble strewn surfaces.

The Electric Universe has always proposed the “radical” hypothesis that comets, asteroids and meteoroids were torn from planetary surfaces by interplanetary lightning in an epoch of planetary instability. A major piece of this puzzle is the evidence for electrical scarring on planets and moons, and one of the more dramatic examples of such scarring may be the enormous trench Valles Marineris on Mars.

In this episode, retired nuclear engineer Ray Gallucci offers an independent analysis of the specific role that Mars may have played in creating the asteroid belt.

From the Archive – Wal Thornhill: “The Electric Asteroid Bennu | Space News”

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