Ev Cochrane: Memories of an “Alien” Sun | Space News

In previous episodes, we have introduced the strange and special role of our planet’s parent star in ancient world traditions. In global myth, folklore, religion and rock art, the celestial body identified as the Sun bares no resemblance at all to the Sun as it appears in our sky today. The recurring anomalous representations include an orb or a star within a crescent, and the many traditions which depict the Sun as a spectacular celestial wheel, sometimes with a warrior-hero appearing as the axle of the wheel. With no modern natural referent, why do such depictions recur in ancient traditions, art and storytelling across the world?

For over forty years, comparative mythologist Ev Cochrane, along with colleague Dave Talbott, have exhaustively explored this question. Through decades of cross-cultural investigation, they have worked to reconstruct the historical phenomena recorded in the ancient record, in pre-history. Today, Ev continues in more detail on the linguistic aspects of his investigation, beginning with a provocative suggestion: that the ancient sun-god and Thunder-god may be one and the same celestial entity.

Ev Cochrane, previously on Space News: “Did Ancient Man See a Different Sun?”

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