Donald Scott: Breakthrough – Counter-Rotation at Center of Galaxy | Space News

A team of scientists using the ALMA telescope to study the doughnut-shaped cloud of gas and dust at the center of the galaxy NGC 1068 recently made a shocking discovery — two separate disks of gas and dust are rotating in opposite directions. reports on the team’s discovery: “Unexpectedly, they found two counter-rotating disks of gas. The inner disk spans 2-4 light-years and follows the rotation of the galaxy, whereas the outer disk (also known as the torus) spans 4-22 light-years and is rotating the opposite way.”

Those who have followed this series might understand the potential significance of this discovery. In 2015, retired professor of electrical engineering Dr. Donald Scott published his mathematical model of the structure of a Birkeland current, which can be identified visually as counterrotating cylindrical shells, and is seen at vastly different scales in the cosmos, from galaxies to planetary aurorae. We asked Dr. Scott for this thoughts on this new discovery.

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