Electric Universe: An Invitation to Progress in Science | Space News

This year, human beings around the world commemorated the 50th anniversary of one of the most iconic images in our history — the first footsteps on the moon. In 2019, astounding technological leaps propel space exploration, making possible unprecedented feats such as landing a probe on a comet. However, the real test of scientific progress is whether discovery informs and advances science toward a truer understanding of nature. Moreover, the test of any scientific theory’s credibility is its predictive success vs failure.

In this episode, we compare the predictive record of the Electric Universe theory of comets and asteroids vs that of mainstream astronomy. We think this comparison should serve as a compelling invitation to institutionalized science to finally begin seriously exploring EU theory.

PLEASE NOTE: In 2001, Wal Thornhill offered his first public predictions for NASA’s 2005 Deep Impact mission to Comet Tempel One. Link: holoscience.com/wp/comet-borrelly-rocks-core-scientific-beliefs

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