Donald Scott: What Causes the Sun’s Magnetic Loops? | Space News

A team of scientists on Earth has made a surprising and perhaps very significant discovery on the Sun’s magnetic field. The scientists were utilizing a solar telescope to study the Sun’s corona, and through good fortune were able to observe and analyze an exceptionally powerful solar flare. The team focused on estimating the magnetic field strength of features called coronal loops, which are glowing arcs of electrified plasma. What they found is that the coronal loops’ magnetic field is 10 times stronger than solar physicists had previously thought.

However, the standard description of coronal loops as “building blocks of the sun’s magnetic corona” reveals enduring beliefs about the Sun, and its magnetism, that may demand reassessment. Today, retired professor of electrical engineering Dr. Donald Scott, author of the book The Electric Sky, shares his analysis of the real processes behind the Sun’s magnetism, based on the Electric Sun model.

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