Eugene Bagashov: Local Birkeland Currents – A Closer Look | Space News

In recent years, an incredible development has transpired in the space sciences — mainstream astronomical literature now rather routinely acknowledges the existence of electric currents in space. But the question is, how significant a role do these electric currents play in the dynamics of the Universe? In our most recent Space News, we reported on the discovery of a radio-emitting plasma filament which connects two galaxy clusters across the unfathomable distance of 10,000,000 light-years. If electric currents connect celestial objects at such vast cosmic distances, as plasma cosmologists have proposed for decades, then how might we also detect electric currents in our own celestial neighborhood?

Today, physicist Eugene Bagashov and several colleagues are attempting to answer this question through a detailed analysis of the conditions near our solar system. In part three of this four-part presentation, Eugene continues his discussion on the evidence for plasma currents connecting our solar system with the nearby interstellar environment.

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