Eugene Bagashov: Birkeland Currents in Space – An Analysis | Space News

In the 21st century, with increasing frequency astronomical literature recognizes a long-taboo subject — the existence of electric currents in space: from the electrical Earth-Sun connection, to the electric currents connecting the gas giant planets to their respective moons, to the vast cosmic jets of active galactic nuclei.

Yet these recognitions overwhelmingly hold to ideas of strange gravitational and magnetic processes producing electric currents in kinds of closed systems. But what of the overwhelming evidence for the electrical circuitry connecting celestial objects and driving countless astrophysical phenomena?

Today, in part one of his four-part presentation physicist Eugene Bagashov begins outlining the research that he and several others in the Electric Universe community have been conducting into this question, based on retired Professor Donald Scott’s mathematical modeling of the structure of a type of electric current called a Birkeland current.

Donald Scott: The Next Step — New Evidence of Birkeland Current Activity | EU2017

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