Garrett Hill: Laboratory Investigations into Nature | EU2017

Coherent patterns exist in nature at all scales, and electricity seems to have an important role in the evolution of all things. Have you ever wondered how species-specific pollination occurs or how certain creatures can exhibit seemingly instantaneous collective coherent movements at high speeds? This presentation will introduce a company and some of their research into coherent structures in rotating plasmas and self-assembly in electric fields. Garrett will show laboratory experiments from a variety of devices and will discuss ideas on how the results may inform more comprehensive theories around the analogous phenomenon observed in nature.

Garrett Hill is an entrepreneur who started his professional path in motorsports where he discovered his skillset in design, fabrication, and engineering. After 10 years of racing and building high performance automotive vehicles, he took a sharp turn in life to begin chasing tornadoes and learning about the practical applications of vortex dynamics and electric/magnetic fields. Garrett is the co-inventor of several patents and the CTO of a company in Ashland, Oregon called ThrivalTech, where he and his team develop plasma technologies for various applications including the internal combustion engine – with a goal of providing the world with more effective emissions control solutions.

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