Peter Moddel: What Can Matter Be? A philosophical approach | EU2017

The Electric Universe emphasizes that mass is not to be confused with matter, and it suggests a way of understanding the observed effects of mass. This leaves the question: what then is matter? To recognize matter is to attribute presence to an object. Understanding this process can loosen our grip on settled assumptions that otherwise appear incontrovertible. The talk is in three parts: I. From ancient Greek philosophy; II. From the science behind perception; and III. To the paradox that is the presence of matter.

Born in Ireland and living in Switzerland, Peter Moddel works with students and teachers, facilitating their endeavors through the recognition of the mind’s structures that guide individual ways of learning. As a passionate amateur astronomer, from Palomar times onward he followed the work of Halton Arp. Philosophical reflection grounded in observation rather than in ideas forms the basis of Peter’s thinking. The role of consciousness has been the common thread of his search for solutions to specific problems in philosophy. He is the author of Making Sense, an inquiry into a perception that offers a fresh approach to age-old questions about the physical world and the role of the perceiving subject. In the context of the Electric Universe, these reflections find special relevance.

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