EU2016 — media conference access



For those who wish to film or audio record the conference, please provide the following information:

  1. Name, address, phone number and URL of the company requesting access.
  2. Name, address, phone number(s) of the key media persons planning to work at the conference.
  3. Statement of Intent.
  4. Outline or Synopsis (including for example, intended use of media? Target audience? Distribution strategy? Potential sales?)
  5. Curriculum Vitae and bio for each key media person noted above.
  6. Filmography of production team, if applicable.
  7. Demo Reel for filmmakers or some other demo if other media.
  8. An example of the release form with an explanation how it will be employed.
  9. Proof of Production Insurance, if applicable.

All speaker interviews will be scheduled through Susan Schirott. If you wish to request interviews, let Susan know to whom you would like to talk. Please respect the privacy of speakers and don’t stop them in the hallways or elsewhere for unscheduled interviews.

No filming or audio-recording will be allowed of speaker’s presentations except by The Thunderbolts Project™ personnel.

Sharing of footage and/or audio tracks will be at the discretion of the individual. The Thunderbolts Project™ will not share footage and/or audio tracks except by written cooperative arrangement.

If media access is granted, a Press Pass will be issued. All decisions regarding media access are final. Thank you so much for your cooperation!

Contact Information:

Susan Schirott
Conference Director
susan at thunderbolts dot info

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