Electricity Hiding Behind “Dark Matter”?

Researchers working with data from the Planck satellite have detected an intense form of radiation called synchrotron radiation from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy  – requiring an acceleration of charged particles to energies never imagined by textbook astronomy of the 20th century. Their conclusion: colliding particles of dark matter must be responsible for this observation. It seems they did not know that plasma science pioneer Hannes Alfvén predicted synchrotron radiation from the core of galaxies more than 60 years ago, caused not by “dark matter” but by focused electric discharge.

See Thunderbolts discussions of ‘dark matter’

Correction: In the original video we gave an incorrect title for guest Jeremy Dunning-Davies. His correct title is Senior Lecturer in Physics at the University of Hull


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2 Lectures by David Talbott


According to author David Talbott, all of human history can be seen as just two stories.


First, came the story of ancient mythology, when towering gods were said to have ruled the world. Then came the story of science, emerging from a growing distrust of the myths and a new emphasis on direct observation and reason.


But a third story is possible, according to Talbott, one that sees the underlying provocation of the myths in extraordinary electrical events occurring close to the Earth. To be believed, a third story must be more coherent and more meaningful than either archaic religious mythologies or the modern mythologies of popular science.



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