EU2013 Themes

eu2013 ConferenceTHEMES

The Tipping Point?

Easily reduced to a cliche in popular discussion, the “tipping point” is also the perfect expression for what is now occurring as scientists, artists, cultural visionaries, and students of human history converge on a new conceptual ground.  A stunning possibility emerges: that we are on the edge of discovering, through the electric force, the unified underpinnings of the natural world.

No intellectual movement of the 21st-century has shown a greater potential to attract innovators and centers of influence across the entire spectrum of human thought.

Normal and Paranormal Redefined

Old definitions of “normal” are rapidly disappearing—so quickly, in fact, that the language of the “paranormal” may soon lose its usefulness as we move toward a deeper appreciation of human consciousness and connection. The true normal is the vast realm of experience redefining human nature and bringing to light what 20th-century scientific dogma could not recognize.

The most common theme in the study of consciousness is the role of exquisite electromagnetic and bioelectric connectivity. Ignored for too long, these findings are now fueling the fastest-growing scientific investigations.

Doomsday Revisited

Let the slightest wisp of a comet come into view.  Let three planets move into close conjunction, or the “zeroes” on an arbitrary calendar align.  Why is it that such events have historically provoked a surge of collective anxiety, forecasts of disaster and expectations of the world’s end?

The question can not be answered from within contemporary theoretical frameworks. But it can be answered by tracing the anxiety back to its origins in earliest antiquity, when human beings witnessed the heavens falling into disorder, and earth-shaking conflagrations permanently altered the course of both human and planetary history. As we come to see this cloud of anxiety through the original human experience, we begin to discern the true causes.  Ancient, culturally-driven fears can no longer hold us in their grip.

The Electricity of Life

For decades biologists believed the cell was essentially a “bag of solution.” With better preparation techniques and the electron microscope, biologists were able to see a huge network of filaments, tubes, fibers and trabeculae inside the cell. This network of connective tissue extends through out every nook and cranny of the body.

In the last decade, Gerald Pollack, PhD has discovered that, of the water molecules that make up our bodies, most are structured water molecules. The liquid crystalline nature of this structure carries charge.

The living connective tissue network, together with water molecules, is an energy and information matrix transforming and transmitting electromagnetic energy in the structuring and regulation of 70 trillion vibrating cells.

This new vision of how the body operates profoundly alters how we understand the formation of disease and the healing potential that is natural to the human body.


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