thunderbolts of the gods – excerpts

Excerpts from Thunderbolts of the Gods

By David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill

Electricity in Space

Suddenly, the ‘big picture’ has changed. For decades we believed that gravity alone rules the macrocosm. Then an avalanche of space age discoveries revealed one of the great surprises of the twentieth century–a universe driven by electric currents and punctuated by cosmic violence.

From the smallest particle to the largest galactic formations, a web of circuitry connects and unifies all of nature, organizing galaxies, energizing stars, giving birth to planets and, on our world, controlling weather and animating biological organisms. There are no isolated islands in space.

Plasma Discharge

It’s easy to forget that, like bodies in space, ideas are connected. Every specialty in the theoretical sciences is susceptible to the “domino effect”. When a foundational principle collapses, watch out. Nothing will remain the same.

Only a few decades ago astronomers discovered that plasma, distinguished by the presence of freely moving charged particles, fills the space between planets, stars, and galaxies. Today, the study of electric discharge in plasma is transforming our understanding of cosmic evolution.

When gravitational theory came into prominence, the dynamics of plasma discharge was yet to be discovered. Now, we know there is not a corner of the universe that is free from electrical effects.

The best way to understand the behavior of plasma discharge is to study it in the laboratory. All of its forms are scalable. What we see in the laboratory is also seen in remote space.

Plasma Phenomena in Ancient Times

The discovery of the “electric universe” does not just change our picture of the heavens today. It also changes what we see and hear in messages from the ancient world.

Were it possible for us to stand alongside our early ancestors, to witness the events that provoked human imagination in ancient times, the celestial dramas would exceed anything conceivable today. The sky was electric, filled with luminous clouds, threads of light, and undulating rivers of fire. To today’s observer the events could only appear too vast, too improbable for anything but a dream.

Origins of Mythology and Archaic Religions

The nightmares and prophecies of antiquity arose from trauma, from memories of world-altering events, of deluge, and falling fire and stone. It can now be shown that the causes lay in an electrically unstable solar system.

The archetypes that once dominated human consciousness are, in fact, out of this world. So long as you believe that the ancient sky looked like our sky today, not a single mythic theme will make sense.

It is only reasonable to ask if universal memories—memories blatantly defying natural experience today—conceal a historic fact we have overlooked.

One of the unique attributes of high-energy plasma discharge is that its formations appear alive. In such discharge formations, one phase evolves violently into another, many with structure that is eerily familiar to the student of the antique cultures. By direct comparison of discharge formations to anciently-drawn pictures of the sky, the question is answered: Who were the mythic gods?

Golden Age and Doomsday

Every ancient culture recalled a lost epoch of awe and wonder—the Golden Age, when peace and abundance reigned on earth and humanity lived in the presence of ‘the gods’.

Have you ever wondered how the deepest fears of humanity arose? Even now, the symbols of Doomsday anxiety clutter human consciousness, visiting us in nightmares, erupting as apocalyptic visions, or dancing by as the anachronisms of our holiday celebrations.

If you really want to understand the ancient world, look to the two great motives shared by every culture: the yearning for a return to paradise (the Golden Age), and the fear that Doomsday will occur again. The fact that the two traditions are inseparably connected is a vital clue. Doomsday means the devastating conclusion of the Golden Age. The ideas are not random.

Could the evolution of the plasma environment have inspired the myth of a Golden Age giving way to cosmic catastrophe? The possibility is eminently testable through the tools of plasma science and cross-cultural comparison.

Serpents, Dragons and Chaos Monsters

The transitional states of plasma discharge answer directly to the mythical metamorphosis or “shape-shifting” of archaic gods and monsters.

Plasma discharge formations are especially precise in explaining the most pervasive theme—the dragon. For thousands of years, humanity lived in the shadow of the dragon, fearing the return of the dragon-borne catastrophe recounted in their myths.

A ludicrous monster alien to all natural experience today, but given cosmic proportions, is indigenous to all cultures’ mythologies.

Here is an extraordinary fact: there is nothing in the recurring attributes of the dragon that cannot be explained by plasma discharge. The creature is constituted of fire or “breathes” fire. It displays long-flowing “hair” or “feathers,” a telltale feature of plasma discharge. That its writhing form appears in the sky as chaos and darkness overtake the world is exactly what we should expect of a high energy discharge event.

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