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Major Overhaul for Thunderbolts Site

Whilst The Thunderbolts Project has enjoyed a solid and growing internet presence since 2004, the website itself has gone through some growing pains, largely due to the fact that back when it started, the technology was very different to what is available today.  There are now around 1800 TPODs (Thunderbolts Picture Of the Day) and in 2004 who would have thought it would grow to what it is now?  As the site and its content has grown the program used to build the site in the first place is now well and truly outdated and so it’s time to upgrade the site software to something a bit more functional.

Legacy archives

As from September 2011 the site is running on WordPress software, which allows us much more functionality than the old system.  Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to incorporate all of the existing TPODs and other material into the new system, so everything pre-September 2011 can be accessed as “legacy” archives, via sub-menus of their parent section.  This will maintain the integrity of the thousands of external links to that material.

The TPODs and Thunderblogs in the legacy archives are listed both chronologically and by subject (and Thunderblogs by author). All new articles are archived by year and can also be also searched by author (click on the author’s name). There’s also a “Site Search” facility on the right-hand sidebar.

We hope our visitors soon get used to the new layout and functionality, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you notice any major issues which have been caused by the upgrade.

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