Dec 31, 2016

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December 31, 2016

Dear EU Friends,

As we’ve approached 2017, the impressive growth of The Thunderbolts Project has encouraged us to reflect on emerging new possibilities—things that would have been beyond our reach just a few of years ago.  From the Thunderbolts website and YouTube channel to our annual conference and public forum, the potential for expanding our impact on scientific imagination is now well demonstrated. 

Our collective mantra has long been “growth by manageable degrees.” We expand our scope or take on new activity only when it meets the effectiveness test: does the activity leave people wanting more? As we are guided by this test in the coming year, you can be confident that the Electric Universe community will continue to thrive in new and exciting ways.

Wishing everyone a prosperous and rewarding New Year!

~ Dave Talbott and Team

Impact Craters vs. Electrical Discharge Craters | Space News

The Electric Universe theory has laid the foundations for an entirely new understanding of planetary geology. For decades, experimentalists using electrical discharges have reproduced many familiar geological features, including types of crater forms that have long proved puzzling to standard geology.
Shockingly Powerful Lightning on Earth | Space News  

A new scientific paper suggests that lightning on Earth may be vastly more powerful than conventional science has ever suggested. Investigators sought to answer how much energy is in a terrestrial bolt of lightning through the study of fulgurites, which are hollow glass tubes that form when lightning strikes soil, silica, sand, or rock.

A Belated Birthday Wish To Kristian Birkeland by Stephen Smith
Dec 26, 2016

Kristian Birkeland (December 13, 1867 — Jun 15, 1917) “According to our manner of looking at the matter, every star in the universe would be the seat and field of activity of electric forces of a strength that no one could imagine.”
Waw an Namus by Stephen Smith
Dec 28, 2016

Is this Libyan oasis the remains of a volcano? If you quickly look at this picture you would think that it is taken on Mars; however, the lake is a dead giveaway that it is on Earth. For those familiar with Electric Universe concepts, it bears all the marks of electrical activity.


Want to discuss Electric Universe topics of interest with others?  The Thunderbolts Forum is the place.  Register then begin the adventure with other like-minded EU community members in discussing up-to-the-minute scientific questions. It can be a rough and tumble place so be prepared to defend your concepts with facts. Below is a small sampling of the discussion threads.

Electric Universe
Mystery Of Ultra-Fast Solar Flares Solved By Plasma Physics
Hannes Alfven labeled ‘magnetic reconnection’ as pseudoscience.

Electric Universe – Planetary Science
Earth – tectonics and geology
The interior of our planet presents an abundance of electrical activity.

Electric Universe
Supermassive Black Holes – Another mainstream Waterloo
The popular media works to reinforce the prevailing science paradigm.

Electric Universe
In the dark about dark matter
Exotic and unobservable matter is invented to salvage the mainstream model.

Electric Universe – Planetary Science
Electric Pluto
There are an assortment of anomalies associated with this dwarf planet.

Electric Universe
Conjunction and Opposition of Jupiter and Saturn = Sun Spots
Here is a correlation begging for an electrical explanation.

Note: The opinions expressed by forum participants do not necessarily reflect those of The Thunderbolts Project(TM) or T-Bolts Group Inc staff.

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