electric universe 2012 conference – video excerpts


The Electronic Sun / Donald Scott

Retired professor of electrical engineering Donald Scott discusses a transistor-like effect active on our Sun and regulating solar output, an effect that places the Sun squarely in the category of a glow discharge phenomenon. Longstanding mysteries disappear when seen through the lens of an electric sun

Seeking the Third Story / David Talbott

This first of two talks by David Talbott provides an overview of human history, from the myth-making epoch to the rise of modern science. What will history look like, when we see the ancient past in terms of the archetypal accord between all of the early cultures? This video includes the initial presentation in full.

Returning Science to Real Physics / Wallace Thornhill

Leading EU proponent Wal Thornhill takes us back to the fundamentals of the natural sciences before theoretical physics became a playground for mathematicians. “Mathematics is not physics,” he says, and the absolute requirement is that observation and experiment lead the way, inviting mathematicians to complete a picture, not build one on a foundation of mere abstractions.

The Role of Water in the Electric Body / Gerald Pollack

Distinguished professor of bio-engineering Gerald Pollack introduces the remarkable electrical and plasma-like qualities of water, with attributes that can only expand our ideas about the Electricity of Life.  This rapidly growing dimension of the Electric Universe paradigm has now opened up entirely new avenues for us, into one of the leading edges of theoretical science.

Plasma Behavior in the Floating Water Bridge & Biology / R. Johnson

The British proponent of the Electric Universe, Robert Johnson, expands on Gerald Pollack’s work, to show the remarkable similarities between the “floating water bridge” and a Birkeland Current, all the way down to a stable annulus and core-like structure, a bi-directional flow of charged particles, and a rotating outer layer that can be understood in electrodynamic terms.

Comets, Meteors, and Asteroids / Wallace Thornhill

One of the foremost advantages of the Electric Universe paradigm is its predictive success—at a level of undisputed discovery. Only an electrified solar system, centered on the Sun, will explain the things we now know about comets. The dirty snowball theory has failed virtually test, and the origins of comets cannot be separated from the origins of meteors and asteroids.

Human Metabolism Meets Cosmic Metabolism / James Oschman

What is “earthing”?  Perhaps no talk provoked more skepticism on the front end than that of Dr. James Oschman. But it turns out that concrete evidence does support the concept of an electrical connection between a human being and the Earth.  Electron flow from earth to the human body involves some well-tested healing effects.

The Electrodynamic Pulse of Life / Charles William Lucas, Jr.

Note:  This excerpt was taken down for repairs; it will be re-uploaded to YouTube shortly. Dr Bill Lucas reviews some extraordinary work in the field of bio-electricity.  The electric pulse of life takes biology far beyond the mechanistic doctrines that dominated medicine and the life sciences just a few decades ago.

The Catastrophic Termination of the Last Ice Age / Robert Schoch

Easter Island petroglyphs and script find a new interpretation by geologist Dr. Robert Schoch, who compares them to the extraordinary plasma forms enumerated by plasma scientist Anthony Peratt.

The Failed Attempts to Detect Macro Lensing / Edward Dowdye, Jr.

Contrary to what we’ve been told for decades, gravity does not bend light, according to Dr. Edward Dowdye, a former LASER Electro-Optics Engineer (retired) at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

More to come soon …



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