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Science’s Looming ‘Tipping Point’

It is essential in these exuberant times to pay critical attention to both the observational constraints and to the basic mathematical laws, with a clear sense of what is solid theory and what is only unsupported speculation. This seeming platitude … Continue reading

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Toward a Real Cosmology in the 21st Century

Editors Note: The Bentham Open Astronomy Journal has now published a “Special Edition” with a focus on Plasma Cosmology. A peer-reviewed journal, its goal is to publish quality papers rapidly and to make them freely available to researchers worldwide. The … Continue reading

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A Nobel Prize for the Dark Side

“Science today is about getting some results, framing those results in an attention-grabbing media release and basking in the glory.” —Kerry Cue, Canberra Times, 5 October 2011 On October 4, 2011 the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to three … Continue reading

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Gravity Probe B and Related Matters

m4s0n501 September 05, 2011 By Jeremy Dunning-Davies, Senior Lecturer in Physics at the University of Hull and member of the Royal Astronomical Society and Natural Philosophy Alliance. In a posting on the Thunderbolts web site on June 6th, Mel Acheson … Continue reading

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Science Needs Natural Philosophers

29 August, 2011 “Those who regard philosophy as a ‘soft’ and unscientific discipline, in contrast to the ‘hard’ and scientific fields of mathematics and physics, have accepted a Big Lie. The ideas of mathematicians and physicists can be no more … Continue reading

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