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Astronomers Have No Idea How Planets Form | Space News

According to a paper in the journal Nature, astronomers are now looking for a whole new theory to explain how planets form. The standard model of planet formation says that planets and stars form gravitationally in a contracting disk of … Continue reading

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Confirmed: Magnetic Waves Cannot Accelerate Solar Wind | Space News

A new scientific study has further deepened one of the longstanding mysteries of solar physics. For decades scientists have struggled to explain why the solar wind accelerates as it moves away from the Sun in defiance of gravity. In more … Continue reading

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NASA Warns Astronauts of Electric Asteroids | Space News

A new NASA report describes the potential dangers that electrical environments of asteroids could pose for astronauts in future space missions. NASA scientists are now attempting to create models that will successfully predict dangerous electrical interactions between an approaching spacecraft … Continue reading

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“Neutron Star” Refutes Its Own Existence | Space News

A team of scientists studying the x-ray emissions of a so-called neutron star tell us that the existing theoretical models cannot explain what they’re seeing. Astronomers say that neutron stars are very small, yet massively dense objects that spin at … Continue reading

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Solar Neutrinos in the Electric Universe | Space News

Today, we delve into the very core of one of the great controveries in solar physics. In the 1960’s, scientists first discovered that the number of solar neutrinos detected on Earth did not fit the predictions of the standard model … Continue reading

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Gamma-Ray Burst Shatters Old Theories

A team of scientists studying the afterglow of a gamma-ray burst tell us that their findings will re-write scientific theories. Using the Very Large Array Telescope, the team examined the afterglow of a gamma ray burst which mainstream astronomers assume … Continue reading

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Steve Crothers on Failures of Big Bang Cosmology | Space News

Scientists using the BICEP2 telescope recently pronounced that they had discovered direct evidence of Einstein gravitational waves and cosmic inflation. The team describes having detected polarizations in the so-called Cosmic Microwave Background, which is described as the afterglow of the theoretical … Continue reading

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Hale-Bopp: the Electric Comet | Space News

A team of scientists analyzing the coma and tail of Comet Hale- Bopp have published their observations in a landmark paper. What they discovered cannot be explained by the standard model of comets. The scientists analyzed the comet’s surprising coma … Continue reading

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Tremors of the Big Bang? | Space News

Scientists working with the BICEP2 telescope have claimed to discover the first direct evidence of cosmic inflation, a process of radical expansion believed to have occurred after the theoretical Big Bang explosion. Based on data from the cosmic microwave background … Continue reading

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Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille: On the Validity of Kirchhoff’s Law | EU2014

THIS ONE WILL BE OF GREATEST INTEREST TO THEORETICAL PHYSICISTS. Please help out by directing the attention of physicists to this video. Kirchhoff’s law of thermal emission (formulated in 1860) is presented and demonstrated to be invalid. This law is … Continue reading

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