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General Reviews - Symbols of an Alien Sky

Following are the reviews of those who have not had a long or any association with the Thunderbolts Project, and are completely independent thereof, with no profession of adhereance to Electric Universe principles, though one or two may contribute in a small way.


I confess to knowing too little about mythology. Yes; I know a number of rather disjointed facts but little in a continuous picture. I suppose it's something that hasn't really grabbed my attention before this. However, this film held me fascinated and enthralled. So much so that I want to learn more. I feel viewing this - and presumably the future two instalments - a genuine MUST. ... I feel it would be good for physics' undergraduates to see this. Here in Hull a lot of fundamental work on lasers has been carried out over the years and there has, obviously, been much interest in the department devoted to plasmas. It would, therefore, in my view, be really worthwhile for the Hull physics' undergraduates, in particular, to see this. ... It raises so many important basic questions; questions undergraduates should be asking.

Of course, when it comes to wondering how people viewed the celestial events contemplated, it might be worth considering how people in different lands viewed the extraordinary events of 1859[A huge solar storm known as the "Carrington Event"]. Those spectacular celestial performances must have made a tremendous impression on people; especially remembering that, in many parts of the world at that time, many would have been totally ignorant of many scientific understandings. Indeed, many must have been truly terrified by events and this would seem to indicate a link with the feelings of those who witnessed what might have occurred in the earlier times envisaged here.

Dr. Jeremy Dunning-Davies.
(Retired) Professor of Physics, Hull University, UK.
Author, Exploding a Myth - "Conventional Wisdom" or Scientific Truth.


David Talbott's film 'Symbols of an Alien Sky' goes far beyond merely identifying "the celestial provocation" of our true history. Symbols resurrects and confirms the genius of Immanuel Velikovsky. With excruciating attention to detail Talbott rivals the intellectual obsession and integrity of the thousands of ancient chroniclers that are "urging us to remember." The credibility of Symbols is uniquely formidable as it firmly connects the library of the Stone Age to the Modern Age cosmology of leading edge plasma physicists Anthony Peratt , Wal Thornhill and others. With erudition Symbols defines an overdue and not-so-subtle challenge to modern institutional assumptions, promoted and guarded by the gamut from religion to politics to academia and beyond. As such Talbott’s most fundamental accomplishment in 'Symbols of an Alien Sky' is the reconnecting of global humanity to itself; to its true history, and what that reconnection implies for our future peace and well-being.

Paul V. Sheridan.
Graduate, Cornell University.
Civil Justice Foundation National Champion.


Technically, this combined overview of "Symbols of an Alien Sky" in Episode I is excellent. The use of the so-called Ken Burns' Effect was also quite superb.  My compliments.

Frederic Jueneman.
Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists emeritus,
National Association of Science Writers emeritus.


Dave Talbott's presentation in Symbols of an Alien Sky represents a 'this is that' moment in the evolution of the modern humanities and sciences. One could compare (to explain what I mean) the game-changing Newtonian moment, for the humanities and sciences, when this, the tension felt by the cord of a pendulum, was understood to be that, the tension felt by the moon in earth's orbit. Such moments are the stuff of revolution and awakening. And so is Talbott's demonstration. The indelible rock art produced by our desperately communicative human ancestors all around the world, depicts a plasma formation in their common sky. The case is not merely compelling, it is overwhelming. This is that. The humanities and sciences must acknowledge this fact as a fact of natural and anthropological history, on the one hand, but on the other, and more importantly, as a call for the application of plasma physics to the understanding of the present cosmos, in which we live and die.

Talbott's material on the evolution of a 'polar configuration' raises as many questions as it answers, but the tenor of his presentation is such that it causes in the audience a simmering desire to know more. Bravo! Talbott's achievement in this initial DVD is what is known in the popular culture as a 'teaching moment'. This really is that, and I cannot wait for the consequences, within and without academia.

A P David.
Classicist, Ph.D Committee on Social Thought, University of Chicago.
Author, Dance of the Muses.


"Symbols of an Alien Sky" is an extraordinary, multi-decade, effort in gathering data from ancient cultures around the world, analysing it, and presenting results that explain to a great deal how our modern concepts of society, religion and history were formed.  More than that, it explains the origin of myths across the world and shows that there is a common heritage that unites all mankind.  If the conclusions reached by this analysis are true, and I believe they are, this is an educational piece that should be shared and seen by people all over the globe.

(Retired Army) Colonel Jim Boersema.
Buisnessman, Honolulu, Hawaii.


Symbols of an Alien Sky is a profound journey through the mists of time in human history.  Sifting through the myriad of human myths and legends we find that a common thread is weaved into every culture on Earth.  This movie examines that rich cultural tapestry of human history and follows the common threads to find one story told around the world.  Symbols of an Alien Sky is the awe-inspiring introduction to that story.

Ken Crissey.
Graphic Artist, Texas US.


Mythology and Plasma science! An idea whose time has come? But an idea is helpless unless it is explained precisely and illustrated cleverly. David Talbot has achieved this in his paradigm provoking video "Symbols of an Alien sky."

Peter "Mungo" Jupp.
Archaeologist, filmmaker.


... what I have seen thus far is a wonderful contribution to human knowledge.  When will Episode Two be available?

Fred Lord.


"Symbols of an Alien Sky" is a remarkable synthesis of the work that has been accomplished since the publication of "Worlds in Collision", especially for the past 30 some odd years.  The incorporation of the Electric Universe with catastrophism and historical reconstruction is, in my opinion, the missing link in strengthening historical reconstruction. The film brings out this tie extremely well.  Mainstream academia will not be able to ignore powerful presentations such as "Symbols of an Alien Sky".

Gary Ryals.


The DVD has really nice video, and the quality of the narration and musical soundtrack are top-shelf. It follows truly in the scientific spirit of Jacob Brownoski's Ascent of Man, James Burke's The Day the Universe Changed, and Joseph Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces. ... Well, I'm looking forward to the next episode in the Thunderbolts epic.

Bob Duggins.
Smithsburg, MD.


Your commitment to this project speaks volumes and once again you hit a home-run in "Symbols of an Alien Sky"! The presentation brings more light to antiquity's obsession with the past and the clues it left for modern man to investigate. The documentary leaves, without a doubt, a sense of awe and inspiration to learn more! I look forward to parts two and three!

Sandor Bors.
Cosmology and Anthropology buff, Pittsford, NY.


"Symbols of an Alien Sky" is an enjoyable introduction to some distinctly mind-stretching concepts. Even if you find the Saturn configuration difficult to accept, you will still come away with fascinating facts about mythology and plasma physics, in one handy package.

Carl Bussjaeger.
Telecommunications Technician, Writer. Full review here.


Good products leave me wanting more. I want more. Plunge me into plasma-physics-for-dummies ... Thank you for such a fresh perspective.

Floy Lilley.
Adjunct Faculty, the Mises Institute.


"Symbols of an Alien Sky" unlocks the secrets regarding origins of global mythologies and historical astrophysics.  "Symbols" is a defining moment in the evolution of human thought, not only because we can better understand the basis for shared cultural beliefs, but also because Dave Talbott has defined and demonstrated the scientific investigative technique of "Points of Agreement." 

While thousands year old historical records (petroglyphs) have no commentaries associated with them, they are abundant and spread across the inhabited regions of Earth.  Researching shared traits of petroglyphs and comparing them to scientifically reproduced phenomena; historians can now understand the physical basis behind many of the world's mythologies. 

This first episode begins with the bland assessment of modern historical interpretation and leads the viewer to a climatic understanding.  By the end of the video the viewer is overwhelmed with a crescendo of insight, which illuminates the vast collection of myths each of us acquires in a lifetime. It's the closest thing to enlightenment from a video that I had ever experienced.  Even the staunchest skeptics will be pleased by the strong sense of intellectual entertainment.

Dave Thomson.
Author Secrets of the Aether.


I received the DVD and watched it once already. Truly extraordinary it is, though even that seems an understatement. I plan to watch it again soon and take notes to provide feedback, but a couple of things I will offer now:

One of the most powerful sentences in the film was the statement that without the mythology of the gods, ancient civilisations would have had no cultural content.  This very succinctly summarises, from a sociological or psychological perspective, the need to identify a cause for, as you say, the universal outpouring of imagination. For in psychology and sociology, just as in physics, there can be no creatio ex nihilo.

The only thing I found weak in the film was the lack of laboratory demonstration of discharge patterns. The images were true enough, but the connection would be much more powerful if they were shown actually being produced in a lab setting. Perhaps this will be provided in the next instalment. [Stay tuned! Ed.]

Overall, the film was really powerful. Your calm, systematic, reasoned presentation, free of sensationalism and melodrama, sent the message deep into my thoughts and demanded that I consider and reconsider it in like manner. 

As a philosophy student in college I studied the nature of scientific thought and Thomas Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Without question, the Thunderbolts team is launching a scientific revolution. Your work is both inspired and inspiring. 

Jim Eldon.
Brooks, CA.


Thank you very much for this astounding documentary! ... The stunning graphics provide the necessary impression on the viewer, I think, for him to feel what those ancients must have felt, and thus also to finally understand the ancient culture's obsession with the planets as mighty gods acting out a drama of universal proportions. This understanding will then eventually, I hope, reconnect us with our past history, a history which hitherto, lacking this planetary key, has not seemed to be ours at all, but rather the history of some strange, self-deluded groups of dreamers.

Since there is no account, I guess, which compares to this in scope when it comes to explaining and understanding those ancient cultures, I hope it will be widely distributed and that it will receive the attention of the sciences and the media it deserves. Standing on its own though I expect that it, despite the wealth of evidence, will be too much to swallow for many people, especially those with invested interests in already established views of what happened in those times. But backed by the very well evidenced and documented electric nature of the universe, which I expect will be convincingly presented in the programs to follow, maybe it has a real chance of breaking through the sound barrier of the media world and actually be heard? I sincerely hope so!!

Arthur Bolstad.

I am trying to spread the "Alien Sky/Electric Universe" ideas. Whether or not you have a "theological streak", my sense is that this "new" Natural Philosophy may be seen to be - eventually - entirely compatible with orthodox theology.

It's great, though not a theory of everything.

Let me say, first off the bat, that I serve as Rector of the Church of England in the Cayman Islands and am a Christian believer according to the Anglican manner of receiving the Faith. And yes, it could be said that in a sense I hold to a special "theory of everything"; but because of this I have a great latitude in examining the positions of honest thinkers and investigators in all fields of human endeavour.

David Talbott and Wal Thornhill, to speak of two out of many, seem to me to be the quintessential honest investigators, who will "open the horse’s mouth and count the teeth", rather than be content only to cite science’s lauded and funded authorities on the matter. In "Symbols of an Alien Sky", a catastrophist understanding of our common past not only becomes illuminated by the mythical narratives of our ancestors from so many parts of the world, but suggests a specific planetary scenario that can be justified on electrical grounds – grounds that have already in many instances been verified by small-scale experiments in the physics or engineering laboratory.

"Symbols of an Alien Sky" is a divider, separating scientific persons that are committed to the true scientific spirit of "opening the horse’s mouth" from scientific persons that are committed to the consensus of the lauded and the funded.

"Symbols of an Alien Sky" is a divider, separating theologically learned individuals that are committed to honing and perfecting their belief-structure from theologically learned individuals that are unwilling to adapt their systems to the reality and the implications of this illumination of our mythical narratives.

"Symbols of an Alien Sky", however, is a uniter, because (whatever the thoughts may be of the current investigators) it provides the possibility of a better synthesis of theological and natural philosophy than has been achieved in the last 1000 years.

So "Symbols of an Alien Sky", the electric universe theory, planetary catastrophism and the illumination of mythical narratives makes a great and exciting and essential contribution to human knowledge, culture, language, and religious structure. But, I will insist, if we make it a "Theory of Everything", it will not satisfy our ultimate quest.

Reverend Nicholas J G Sykes.

I have just watched Symbols of an Alien Sky. I was on edge waiting to see the info about the Polar configuration. It was brilliant. A shiver went down me, from head to toe, I don't know why, maybe because subconsciously, I know that it is true. Even when I was at school I had my doubts that the sun was a ball of Hydrogen. As regards Mythology ,I think that all the information is there. We have to decipher it.


First of all let me congratulate you on your wonderful Symbols of an Alien Sky video. I watched it last night and was blown away, you are providing a tremendous service to mankind.

The reason I got so excited is because I am a student of the oldest book in existence, who's symbols are the root of the oldest surviving language; Chinese.

The book is an oracle, called I-Ching (pronounced Yi Jing). There is an English version of the book, by the scholar Stephen Karcher, titled; Total I-Ching Myths for Change. This book has all the original pictographs for each of the 64 stages (hexagrams) of the process that your video describes. It not only describes what's happening at each stage, but also contains the original myths surrounding the various stages of the event.

I could quote half the book. It was a massive aha! moment for me to finally understand why on earth all these bizarre myths were being perpetuated in the most revered book handed down by the greatest minds ever to come from china. Confucius devoted his life to the I-Ching and wrote a set of commentaries called the 'ten wings', that are included in all modern versions.

A little background might be helpful. There was an oracle that existed before the I-Ching, is is known as the 'early heaven oracle'. In this earlier time, the world was in harmony, but it is later referred to as the 'original chaos'.

From this the early heaven bagua depicted the orderly fashion. After this time, the world was reordered and the later heaven bagua was created, this is the form that the I-Ching and feng shui use as the basis for their systems.

Many thanks again for your brilliant work.

Nigel Rennie.

I have to say that I had to watch the DVD several times and in the end take careful notes because I could hardly believe that so many details were already familiar to me. The mythic themes were all too familiar in fact. As a student of the Bible this DVD was experienced like an earthquake of 10.0 on the Richter scale. That those mythic themes lead us to details of the cosmology observed by early man rather than fantastical miracles that only God could perform is rattling to ones foundations, that is why it took so many viewings to absorb. In the final analysis the information is gratifying intellectually.

Every person who is a student of the Bible needs to see this film! All of us deserve to know what it was that inspired worldwide myths that give us themes like Paradise, Dragon/Serpent/Devil, Jacobs ladder, David, Saturday/Sabbath, the Saturnalia/Christmas and so on.

For those of us who have accepted seemingly impossible tales in the Bible in order to believe that every word in there was God's word this film will cause a visceral reaction. You will either arrive at peace having fought tooth and nail to resist the implications or you will have to bury this data in the deep recesses of your mind so as to protect your long held beliefs. Either which way this affects you; you deserve to see the facts and allow yourself to react one way or the other. As for me, I allowed the facts to rock my foundations. As a result I feel more spiritually mature and connected to God than I ever have in the past.

As for the aesthetics and flow of the film, it was a delight to behold. I'm glad it was presented by a voice that engenders trust with a peaceable tone and was graphically represented in beautiful imagery. Had it been otherwise I may not have watched it again and again to arrive where I am now.

May I suggest you buy more than one DVD. We all know many others who we'll want to see it but none of us will want to risk losing track of our own copy, it really is that important.

Colleen Thomas.
BSN, RN DPCS, Executive Administrator in Health Care, California.


Keep up the marvelous work Dave, its truly paradigm changing.

Bob Skeens.

The most impressive part of the presentation is the juxtaposition of nearly identical symbols from different continents.  When you show a series of images from the same general region, establishment science will dismiss it as neighboring people just passing ideas around.  But when you show an Aztec symbol, then a Greek symbol, then a Chinese one, it is not so easy to dismiss.

It appears to me that a lot of the changes in the appearance of the cosmic form shown are the result of the Earth moving away from the axis, allowing people to see the cosmic structure from an oblique angle.  For the torus around a plasma discharge to appear as two dots by the waist of the "squatter man," it would have to be viewed almost directly from the side.  I am curious about how such an alignment would have occurred.  I hope some young scientists whose brains are not yet set in concrete will see this and be similarly curious about such things.

Keep up the good work!  I'm looking forward to seeing the next episode as soon as possible.

Naaman Ospovat.

The DVD came within a couple of days of ordering. I put it on and watched it through and was very impressed with the quality of the DVD as well as the subject mater.

From the time [when] I was a youth, I wondered why ancient people got so excited about a few rather boring planets that could be seen with the naked eye. I surmised that there must have been more to the planets at that time since the planets inspired epics, extensive mythology, and religion, from all over the world. Why, I asked.

Years passed.

I was looking for oopart (out of place artifacts) videos on YouTube, and I found "Symbols of an Alien Sky". I watched all 4 videos and had to know more. Could this really be true? My intuition said yes. I ordered the video that night.

I watched the marvelous video "Symbols of an Alien Sky" as soon as it arrived. I believe that your theory was successfully presented and supported in the video. It rang with truth. The presentation and narration were superb! Yes, I said to myself, this is the answer I had been looking for.

I'm very much looking forward to the next two releases.

I would really like to know how the planets got so close to the earth in the first place and of course, how they got where they are today.  I truly believe that what the ancients saw was what you have put together for us to see. You are really breaking new ground here.

The comparison of plasma to rock drawings was impressive to say the least. I know that there will be quite a story there once it is put together. For example, why were these people looking at plasma in the first place, and what were the circumstances?

Personally, I'll be following your work from now on and enjoying every moment of it.

Steve Baburek.

After discovering the electric universe and parts of the movie online a few weeks ago I could not resist to order the DVD.  The video quality all in all is excellent, although some source material - very few photos and animations - do not have the quality like the rest of the production. But this does not disturb at all: I watched it on a 50´´ widescreen TV (plasma, of course) and enjoyed the visual appearance of the movie as well as the impressing soundtrack. The movie is a fantastic journey through space and time with brainfood for the way. And although it misses a love story and a shoot-out it is better entertainment than most hollywood productions - I suspect even for those who disagree with the ideas.

As I saw the credits I really was surprised about the small number of people involved in the production: Congratulations! I loved it. It really deserves to reach a broad audience (with some more explanation of the electrical universe). And it deserves to be translated, so that I can discuss better with friends who do not speak English.

Jens Kemper.

A couple years ago, in the process of moving into a new home, I discovered a collection of books in the garage.  Most of them were old science and math textbooks, but there was a copy of Worlds in Collision, which I immediately read, and, of course, was enthralled with.  Not too very long after, and as synchronicity has always played a part in my ongoing education, I tuned in too late one night but heard most of your show on Coast-to-Coast.  Wow!  I was blown away; my imagination, totally fired up, envisioning the planets so much closer to us, actually watching them, putting myself into that time, seeing a totally different sky, trying to imagine what people saw and thought...anyway, I purchased Remembering the End of the World; I was very impressed, and though I meant to do so, I never wrote you.

I watched Mythscape again, perused Velikovsky again, after watching Symbols of an Alien Sky.  It's wonderful, amazing material, very well done.  I've spent the past week trying to come up with a review for you that would somehow encompass my feelings and reactions to the DVD, and its message about our electric sky.  Astrology and mythology have been major interests and influences in my life, and my grandfather introduced me to backyard astronomy; he explained many things for me, including electricity, and made me think, think about everything, all the time, always curious; I wish he was alive now because he would have much to say, and questions to ask, about Symbols and this electric universe we live in.  I've watched it 3 times already; I'm getting a grip on Saturn's presence in our past and how it affected everything.  If I come up with an insightful critique after some more pondering, I'll write you! 

Congratulations on a wonderful addition to the Thunderbolts Project archives.  I look forward to future instalments, and wish you luck in your quest.  

Cheryl Daniel.

I was so impressed with this - my jaw dropped! It made me question all the interpretations of the archetypes we have endured and wonder why we so easily accept what we are fed without examining it. This really is where science should be. Historically science and the arts were not separate. But since the entire world and its people have been reduced to mathematical models our understanding of everything must be skewed.  A tag line for a tv show popular in the sixties and seventies "The Prisoner" was "I am not a number, I am a free man."

We need more study of this kind to increase our knowledge of who we are and what it is we inhabit, cosmically.

Geraldine Leale.

Absolutely Stunning!!!!  I viewed this film Friday Evening. I was so overwhelmed by it that I ended up watching it 3 times Friday evening. 3 more times on Saturday and 3 more times on Sunday. This film is a masterpiece. It has struck a chord deep inside my being. I haven't been this excited since the first time I went skydiving.

The film takes You back through the mists of time, through the golden age, then the times of terror when men prostrated themselves on the ground in awe of the gods.  It then takes You on a trip around the world and looks at the symbols and drawings that our forefathers left behind for us.  They had experienced something profound and wanted to tell future generations what they saw.  This film is a treasure, outstanding visuals, a dreamlike soundtrack but it also pulls back the curtain and reveals what we have all been looking for for centuries if not millennia.

My advice to anyone thinking of purchasing this film is to save a few dollars and buy the 4 pack because You will probably never get back the one You loan to a friend. My goodness its now Monday morning and I'm still tingling over what I saw. I hope You plan on sending this to some film festivals because this is without doubt an award winner. Its incredible, I could rant all day about it but I think I made my point.

Thank You to the team that produced this film, you have given the world a gift. My hope is that we use the knowledge it presents wisely.

Noel Legault.
Ontario, Canada.


"Truth is stranger than fiction"

Reading an article about "Symbols of an Alien Sky" on Jeff Rense,  I knew I needed to see this immediately. I ordered a copy and a few weeks later I'm still watching it again, and again, and again. The value of discovering and explaining the common threads which run throughout our collective human history cannot be overstated. This should be on the news in a big way this is REAL NEWS  that is important to humanity, but you won't see it there because the mainstream news stopped trying to educate the public decades ago, if not at its inception.  I cannot wait to see the rest of this. I normally wait until DVD's go on sale to buy them but this could not wait this is food for hungry minds that cannot be found anywhere on mainstream television, cable, or satellite. I hate to sound like a commercial but buying a DVD like this truly does fund the private research that brings it to you and having conducted research of my own and knowing the cost of doing such archaeological digging, I can say with complete confidence that "Symbols of an Alien Sky" is a priceless ode to humanity worth owning.   

Sean Dix.

My simple Thanks to you seems so inadequate. You and Wallace Thornhill have literally changed my life. I am 55 years old. I always had many questions regarding the mainstream cosmology theories.

Then it happened. It was around three years ago that a friend posted your video…"Thunderbolts Of The Gods" on my myspace site. I watched it and knew immediately that you guys got it right. It opened my mind to a whole new understanding of how the universe really functions and how most myths and religions got started. I have a Myspace page entitled "Electric Plasma Universe" where I do my humble best to promote your conclusions.

The new video "Symbols Of An Alien Sky" is nothing short of phenomenal. Superbly done. I have posted it in forums and blogs.

The video nails down the truth behind human mythologies better than I could have hoped. You are simply Brilliant. I know you’re a modest individual so take my compliment as you will.

Your work combined with Wallace Thornhill has changed my life, and all those in my world have been told of my discovery of your work. I’m happy to tell you that at least twenty of my family and friends have changed their minds about all the issues you cover in your videos. I consider your work to be the most important knowledge available today. I believe you are on the brink of changing mankind’s view of the universe and our history in it forever.

I’d love to meet you and help in any way I can. I firmly believe the names Talbot and Thornhill are more important than Einstein and Hawking. You are correct and rational, sticking to simple understandable physics, while the mainstream theories are flawed with impossibilities.

I am very proud to think of myself as a member of "The Thunderbolts Team". My Sincere Thanks.

Mark Tandle.
Hartwick NY.


I am very intrigued by your whole fresh perspective on our vast misunderstandings of our science and our inherited myths.  I was very taken with your logic and explanation of the universal Dragon myths - and the concept of an electric sky makes a hell of a lot of sense to me.

Parker Johnson.
Lyons, CO.


It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. With extremely effective continuity of many pictures, David Talbott has, with equally effective commentary, uncovered and brought to life the skies of our ancestors. Symbols of an Alien Sky takes what man has always treated as the wild, unbelievable imaginations of ancient, uneducated people and flings those ideas at our feet. Instead, it erects a visual structure of fascinating, awe-inspiring re-creation of history that our ancestors of many centuries ago witnessed and observed in the skies above their heads.

One can lose sight of the big picture when reading a book because of the time it takes to read the written word. But the animation of this DVD presents the material very effectively and complements the commentary so well that the concepts that are being presented are quite easily understood. Each point being made has enough supporting material that the viewer can grasp the validity of what he/she is seeing without getting overloaded with too much detail.

How many of the viewers of Symbols of an Alien Sky have done as I now have and spent time outdoors, day and night, looking up at the skies trying to visualize what the ancients were observing.

With this presentation of Symbols of an Alien Sky, you have made a great beginning to the whole series.  One has to look forward with great expectation to the next two episodes knowing that they will be as equally superb. The look at plasma and an understanding of the electric universe is crucial to tying together the whole picture of the past.  The third episode follows as a must since Saturn as a dark star is the focal point of what was once the "solar system" for eons of time.  

The only complaint I have of Symbols of an Alien Sky and the following two episodes is that you show no way to make this series mandatory viewing by all the researchers at NASA and all the astronomers, mythology experts, and historians of the world.

Don Straley.

The Symbols video ... is an inspiration! and nourishment to the honest, inquiring mind. You have succeeded at pulling back the curtain on one of Earth's most important dramas!

Brent F. Robertson.

I just finished viewing this video and I have to say WOW! This video has explained more about ancient myths than all my years of conventional mainstream education. Well done.

Bob Dupuis.

I read the TPOTD almost every day. I am immersed in the plasma universe sensibilities. I tend to visualize in my mind's eye. The movie pushes me to acknowledge how simple and straightforward were the symbols that our ancestors passed on to us, however blurred, muddled, or manipulated: it was knowledge embodied in iconography. 

Jack Trimper.

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