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Principals' Reviews - Symbols of an Alien Sky

Following are the reviews of principal contributors to the Thunderbolts Project, and those who have had a long association with us.

I've watched the video and I consider the presentation and visual imagery to be a quantum leap up from anything that has been done previously on the Saturn model of prehistory. It cries out for an Imax film presentation to engrave deep into our psyches the most important yet misunderstood message from our ancestors. That message has the potential to awake us from our primitive nightmares and irrational compulsions and allow us to see clearly and for the first time our real situation in this amazing electric universe.

Wal Thornhill.
Physicist and Electric Universe theorist.


Symbols of an Alien Sky leaves no doubt that Dave Talbott's lifelong efforts to categorise and lend understanding to the multitude of relics and myths from humanity's deepest past have been prodigious. In this production he presents identical symbols from all over the world – from cultures that had no awareness of each other – that clearly tell the same astounding story.

Talbott has made sense out of a huge collection of ancient artwork and archetypes that, here-to-fore, the authorities in history, archaeology, and anthropology have discarded as being meaningless. For the viewer, it is like taking off a blindfold after a lifetime of being forced to wear one.

Although no one can ever completely prove what occurred in ancient times, Talbott has taken us to an ancient window that has been opaque with the grime of centuries of misunderstanding and cleaned it. Now we can see through it into our ancient past. It is not only an earth-shaking view, it is cosmos-shaking.

Don Scott.
(Retired) Professor of Electrical Engineering,
Author The Electric Sky.


This documentary offers a bird's eye view of the numerous thought-provoking possibilities that arise when one question is asked: Could it be that traditional and mythical descriptions of the 'world' refer to circumstances that no longer prevail today? If scholars in the humanities could take home this message alone and update themselves on what is currently known about the solar system, a revolution in thought would inexorably ensue.

This revolution has already started, as a growing number of academics ponder the role of electromagnetic and other transient phenomena in human traditions about the past. Though the rich content of this film may seem overwhelming to newcomers, it is really no more than an appetiser for the momentous stores of data with a bearing on this subject, a summary of a research programme that will require the lifetimes of numerous dedicated scholars to be explored and documented in full.

The theory presented in the film should not be treated as gospel truth. Rather, it should serve as the beginning of a fresh examination of mythology in the plasma universe - rigorous, but entirely open-minded. The reliability of cross-cultural archetypes in myth emerges as a key principle in the methodology of a new discipline of 'nature mythology'.

Rens Van der Sluijs.
Linguist and Author, The Mythology of the World Axis - Exploring the Role of Plasma in World Mythology and The World Axis as an Atmospheric Phenomenon.


The pictures and stories from our ancestors are usually mystified, sentimentalized, or dismissed, perhaps because they make no sense as nature stories in today's natural world. This video demonstrates that they make a frightfully real sense if the globally common themes are allowed to describe an unfamiliar nature that is nevertheless grounded on recent discoveries in plasma physics and astronomy. That reconstructed past in turn provides insights that can enable us to make better sense of our present conflicts and confusions.

Mel Acheson.
Astronomer, regular Thunderbolts contributor.


It is not possible to devote as much time and attention as I think I should to researching the mythological aspects of Electric Universe theory. Dave Talbott's tireless efforts in that vein have, over the years, satisfied that need by creating exceptional pieces in a variety of media. Symbols of an Alien Sky tops them all. It is a visually compelling, informationally dense presentation that is sure to become a resource for investigators in several fields of study.

Stephen Smith.
Managing Editor, Thunderbolts Picture of the Day.


Symbols of an Alien Sky transcends all expectations through its presentation of the fantastic images imprinted by planets at close quarters that ancient man must have witnessed spreading across Earth's primordial sky, and the symbolic interpretation of all that he saw. Kudos to David Talbott for the production of this fascinating and immensely educational documentary. It explains so much. I, for one, am eagerly looking forward to its follow-up.
- Dwardu Cardona
Author God Star, Flare Star, and Primordial Star.


Was this even the same video as the snippets released to YouTube? It appears to have had a significant retooling, much to its benefit. There also appears to be a great deal of additional information added that was not evidenced in the original YouTube snippets, again, much to its benefit. ...

While the proposition seems garish to the point of absurdity from the standpoint of someone looking up into the heavens today, with no knowledge of ancient traditions or the points of correspondence of world mythology (the archetypes), when the evidence is presented in the somewhat linear fashion of this video, the story seems far more plausible. It certainly makes for compelling viewing and raises some very interesting questions. I look forward to the next episode(s) and the continuation / completion of the exposition.

Michael Gmirkin.
Regular Thunderbolts contributor.


Comparative Mythology steps out from the shadows, with this provocative production packed full of details explaining how it is that our ancestors told very specific stories of planetary catastrophe involving close-calls and plasma discharges beyond imagination.

Never before has so much explanatory power been delivered in one fell swoop.

Dave Smith.
Managing Editor, Thunderblogs.


Extraordinary!  What Talbott does is to offer an explanation of the similarity of motifs worldwide from eras before intercontinental travel was possible. The explanation will blow your mind. But suddenly everything makes sense afterwards.

Be prepared to have everything you thought you knew about the clockwork of the heavens seriously challenged.

It is the most amazing detective story. The clues are everywhere. The evidence all points to the same conclusion. The heavens were guilty of serious misbehavior. But early Mankind witnessed it and has done what he could to leave a record. Incredible?  Maybe, but  “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” (Arthur Conan Doyle)

Bob Johnson.
Project Manager for a forthcoming Thunderbolts site addition.


Symbols of an Alien Sky provides a very compelling case for what, from a uniformitarian perspective, sounds like a ludicrous theory. Bit by bit, the mythological puzzle pieces are fit together until a remarkable picture emerges. A coherent explanation is provided for much of the incomprehensible themes in mythology which evidently trace back to a small set of mythological archetypes. Any viewer with the slightest hint of an open mind can't help but come to the conclusion that the uniformitarian theory of Earth's recent history is completely wrong and ancient man was subjected to a completely different view of the sky than what we see today.

I am very eager to see the subsequent episodes.

Scott Wall.
Managing Editor, Thunderbolts Predictions page.


In 2009, Oskin noted “For years, interdisciplinary research has been the hottest trend in science. Increasingly, breakthroughs come from teams of researchers scattered across disciplines and time zones.” [Emphasis added] Catherine Cesarsky, former president of the International Astronomical Union and former director general of the European Southern Observatory (ESO), said also in 2009 in Warning: Don’t Let Your Elders Brainwash You, “The best way to escape [the] bandwagon effect is to look at things from a distance, to connect different ideas.” Symbols of an Alien Sky is the epitome of interdisciplinary synthesis and viewing the detailed data from the ancient world at a high level.

At a time when people are seeking ways to interest young students in science, those students are told that there is nothing scientifically interesting about the ancient world because science has already explained everything. What science has done is assume that nothing interesting happened in the Solar System or on Earth in the ancient world while ignoring the evidence that something interesting did happen.

The further assumptions that nothing interesting happened for millions or even billions of years and that everything in the Universe can be explained by mainly gravity interactions not only may make science dull, but often incomprehensible. Geologists Derek Ager said, “Even within the brief life of mankind (with 99% of it in the 'Stone Age') there were great geological events that are not recorded in our histories.” This is because those events are recorded in what are called myths. Things that are easily explained by plasma science are made into complicated abstractions such as Black Holes, Dark Energy, Dark Matter and Dark Flow. Combining plasma science with the analysis of observational data from ancient writings provides a very interesting and natural explanation for what are thought to be myths and symbols of the ancient gods.

If the academic community is really interested in making science, and even history and ancient art interesting to students, they will stop using assumptions proven untenable by space probe data and will consider the ideas presented by Talbott et al in Symbols of an Alien Sky.

C. J. Ransom.
Ph.D. Plasma Physics

Ager, The New Catastrophism, The importance of the rare event in geological history, Cambridge University Press, 1993, p. xviii
Bhattacharjee, Yudhijit, Warning: Don’t Let Your Elders Brainwash You, Science, Vol.. 325, 29 August, 2009, P. 1060
Oskin, Becky, Bringing it all together, New Scientist, July 2009, p. 48


For me, personally, the mythology is like an important lead or clue is to solving a homicide.  It is not the evidence upon which you convict, but it nevertheless guides the investigator towards prosperous lines of investigation.  And yet, at the same time, there is a huge problem with mythology: not only do few of us understand it, but as I've learned more, it's become extremely apparent that mythology is inherently easy to mangle.  It's as if all of the information has uncertainty factors attached to it. ... I'm honestly really excited for what you've accomplished, as I've always thought that the real breakthroughs will eventually occur with the widespread dissemination of instructional Electric Universe videos.  Even if you know what the reaction will be, I hope that you decide to submit the video to the History and Discovery Channels to see if you can get it aired.  Surely, an argument can be made with all of the 2012 doomsday nonsense circulating today on those channels (which I hear from others, but thankfully have not witnessed myself), that following the evidence where it leads is a far better approach than attempting to support a pre-existing popular belief about 2012.  The evidence linking stickman rock art to laboratory plasma formations will be difficult for many people to argue against.

I look forward to watching this video many times over.  I honestly don't believe I will grow tired of it.

Chris Reeve.
Independent Researcher.

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