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Thunderbolts Mythology Pages.

Much is said from time to time about the Thunderbolts Project delving into mythology, but sometimes people get the wrong impression of just what position we take.

The basic premise is that there appeared spectacular formations in the ancient sky, which were electrical in nature, which profoundly affected humanity, and which were recorded on stone. David Talbott was the first to enumerate these forms some decades ago, which he documented by gathering points of agreement betweend different cultures which are so specific as to not be possible apart from a globally shared experience of evolving formations in the sky. It was not until his convergence with Wal Thornhill that the electrical nature of these forms became apparent.

Then a meeting was held in Portland, Oregon in September of 2000 which was attended by astronomers Halton Arp and Tom Van Flandern, geophysicist/anthropologist Robert Schoch, plasma physicist Anthony Peratt and linguist/mythologist Rens van der Sluijs, to name a few. From this meeting a broader investigation emerged, than that of the specifically planetary model considered by Talbott. The result of this being that the forms, regardless of their specific cause, have been explicitly confirmed by independent observers who have no investment in the planetary model.

Whilst the basic theme of a Polar Configuration (of some type) is shared by a good number of researchers, the specifics of what this configuration consisted of is still an article of further consideration.

Anthony Peratt's work concentrates on the physics of plasmas and laboratory experiments which display certain characteristics which he has identified as having been witnessed by ancient sky watchers and carved into rock to preserve the stories, before written languages arose. His systematic analysis of rock art images combined with the use of GPS gives a precise basis for reconstructing configurations as seen from different vantage points on the globe, and supercomputer comparison of these images with plasma configurations produced in the laboratory leaves little doubt that what the ancients witnessed were indeed plasma discharge events of some kind.

It must be stated here that Peratt's work is completely independent of the Thunderbolts Project. Though his work is often cited in relation to its application within Electric Universe theory, Peratt has never made any public statement of support for EU, contrary to the mis-statements of detractors of both Plasma Cosmology and EU theory.

Rens van der Sluijs is of similar opinion to Peratt, that such plasma formations were witnessed by the ancients, but neither of these researchers has any commitment to any specific planetary involvement in these events. Van der Sluijs has published several books and a plethora of peer-reviewed papers amounting to what he calls "plasma mythology".

Wal Thornhill, Ev Cochrane, Dwardu Cardona and David Talbott however have all expressed theories with some degree of planetary involvement, centering on Saturn as our primeval sun, Talbott's 1980 book The Saturn Myth having been the catalyst for much of the research which they have undertaken since it's publication.

Cochrane has gone on to publish three books of his own with more to come, and has assisted Talbott in painstaking research to validate or refute various scenarios they have each contemplated. In this respect he has been Talbott's closest collaborator, and his attention to detail is second to none.

Cardona has also published three books however he goes much further in studying the geological implications of Saturn theory, as Talbott's work and that inspired from it has come to be generically known.

Thornhill has provided much of the theory by which Electric Universe concepts help to underpin the work of Talbott et al, and has been exploring his own ideas about how the Polar Configuration may have evolved.

There are other researchers with no connection to the Thunderbolts Project who have also developed their own ideas of Saturn theory, however it must be stressed that their work, whilst sometimes citing our own or other similar sources, does not reflect the views of the Thunderbolts Project.

For more on the specifics of Saturn theory as developed by the Thunderbolts Project please see our pages on Symbols of an Alien Sky, our new DVD.

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