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April 9, 2009

Einstein's Idiots #19
Stephen Crothers: Why Black Holes Don't Exist
by bgaede

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Today's multimedia is from Bill Gaede, of Bill interviewed Stephen J. Crothers recently at the airport in Munich, after Steve had presented a recent paper to a conference.
Physics is first and foremost the study of objects. Without objects, we can have no Physics. The black hole does not belong in Physics because it is not a physical object. It is, rather, an irrational concept and as such does not even belong in Philosophy. The astronomers should not be pointing their telescopes to the skies in search of black holes. They should be reading the definition of the word object.

The video exposes that members of the establishment who claim through the literature to have found black holes, privately admit that no such thing has ever happened. Australia's Stephen Crothers flatly denies that it ever can. He offers a few more reasons from a mathematical perspective for why Black Holes don't and cannot exist. Unfortunately, mainstream journals do not have a 'Retraction' section where false claims can be retracted or a 'Dissent' section where opponents can offer evidence and arguments to expose false prophets.
- Bill Gaede
Please note the sound quality of this video is poor, but the content is worth it. It is subtitled to aid it's clarity.
For more info visit - Einstein's Idiots #19

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