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Debunking Misconceptions About the Electric Universe
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In the nearly eight years since the website has gone online, perhaps the most common request we've received from readers is that we address the innumerable misrepresentations of the Electric Universe hypothesis on the Internet. Newcomers to the theory face an arduous task of sorting through the considerable confusion created by pseudoskeptics. It's not reasonable to expect proponents of "mainstream" theory to immediately embrace the EU; but it is reasonable to ask that EU critics make the effort to learn what the theory actually proposes before loudly denouncing it. Unfortunately, the most vocal opponents of the EU have consistently failed on this front. (A few responses by Professor Don Scott, Thunderblog editor and forum administrator Dave Smith, and Thunderbloggers Michael Gmirkin and Michael Goodspeed appear on these pages. More responses will be coming in the weeks ahead.)

The above interview with
 Wallace Thornhill is the first of a series of Q and A's with members of the Thunderbolts team, many of which will also be devoted to addressing misconceptions about the EU. It is the newcomer to EU for whom this first interview is mostly intended. Viewers who wish to suggest further questions or draw our attention to other issues calling for discussion may send their message(s) to Dave Smith.

One misconception not addressed in the above interview should be mentioned here. For years the Internet has been cluttered with reckless dismissals of the Thunderbolts group by self-proclaimed authorities. They would have their readers believe that only those uneducated in "real science" could be attracted to the Electric Universe. 

A leading contributor and former administrator of says: "Thunderbolts is a well-known crackpot site - not only is their material full of venom and vitriol towards the people who do real research, but their own 'science' doesn't even get to first base."

It's not clear to what extent such comments have discouraged curious folks from pursuing questions on their own. But one thing is undeniable -- the Electric Universe and the Thunderbolts group are attracting exceptionally well-educated readers, the best foundation for an enduring movement. 

A review of statistics on the website (as of December 9, 2010) reveals some intriguing facts about the educational demographics of's visitors. See graph below:

The percentage of readers with graduate school training (30%) is far above the Internet average (Index: 100 = average), while the percentage of readers with no college is far below average. In fact, these percentages tower over so-called "skeptical" websites that tend to abusively dismiss any and all challenges to scientific dogma. See graphs below:

The educational demographics for the James Randi Educational Foundation's website,

For the Bad Astronomy/Universe Today forum,

Phil Plait's original Bad Astronomy site,

For The Committee of Skeptical Inquiry,

For noted "skeptic" Michael Shermer:

One is also hard-pressed to find a single "mainstream"-oriented science website that matches the educational statistics for, including Space.comUniverse TodayThe Sciam NetworkPhysics ForumsNew ScientistScience, or We would also offer a comparison to, but they have chosen to hide their Quantcast visitors' demographics from public view.

We're not suggesting that these statistics are a reason for anyone to accept the Electric Universe. However, any notion that the Electric Universe somehow attracts a more "credulous" audience is simply false. Also demonstrated is that abusive tactics against the EU have failed to persuade the most educated readers on the Internet.


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