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CONVERGENCE! The NPA welcomes the Electric Universe

WHAT: 18th Annual NPA Conference,
WHERE: July 6-9, University of Maryland

Here is your best chance to rub shoulders with an all-star cast of speakers on the Electric Universe. Register now for an event unlike any you’ve seen before. (More information below the list of speakers).


Star formation
No one is more capable of examining the broad theoretical foundations of the Electric Universe than Wallace Thornhill, who will review persistent mysteries of star formation and offer an interpretation of the newly revealed connection of the Sun to the flow of galactic currents.



Failed model of the Sun
David Talbott will give a background paper on the Electric Sun, to show that the modern dogma of the hidden nuclear furnace in the Sun has failed all qualitative and quantitative tests. He will then introduce the papers of other participants, on subjects affected by the collapse of solar theory.



Guide for newcomers
Tom Findlay’s paper, “Introductory Guide to the Electric Universe,” will offer a first look at elementary principles easily grasped by lay people, but with a potentially huge effect on scientific understanding.



Essential guide
Jim Johnson, the managing editor of the forthcoming “Essential Guide to the Electric Universe,” will discuss the core science of the Guide. What is the connection between plasma behavior in the laboratory and the new understanding of electricity in space?



Unified explanations
In a separate talk, Wallace Thornhill will chronicle the Sun’s connection to other events within the heliosphere, including the discharging of electric comets, where “acceptable” answers seem more elusive every year.



Electric currents from the Sun
Michael Gmirkin will address “The Earth-Sun Connection,” underscoring the electrical component. His paper will also place a spotlight on astronomy's outdated assumptions, displaced by the discovery of electric currents in space.



Saturn’s Hexagon
Saturn’s electrified hexagon will be the topic of a paper by Tim Erney, who suggests that the answer lies in a pinched plasma column aligned with Saturn's magnetic axis and coupled to the conductive upper atmosphere.



The speed of light
Perhaps no question is more fundamental to the theoretical sciences than the speed of light. In his reconsideration of the question, Robert Johnson suggests that the speed of light is effected by the strength of electromagnetic fields.




Hidden history of plasma science
How did mainstream theorists ignore the story of plasma and electricity in space for a century or more? That’s the question posed by linguist Rens van der Sluijs, a co-author of more than one scientific paper with the leading plasma physicist Anthony Peratt.



Swimming in electric currents
In a second paper, David Talbott will consider electrical events now occurring on planets and moons, illustrating the role of complex currents and magnetic fields across the heliosphere.



The Comet Venus
An issue of solar system history almost entirely ignored today will be the subject of a paper by Ev Cochrane. Why did the early cultures envision the planet Venus as a comet-like body in the heavens?



Earth's primeval polar heat
Dwardu Cardona
, will take up the earlier temperatures of earth's circumpolar region and the numerous contradictions posed by attempts to understand the ancient polar conditions through standard models of solar system evolution.



A new approach to mountain building
Unanswered questions about mountain formation will provide the focus of a paper by Michael Steinbacher, who has gathered evidence for intense electric winds and dune-like formations on a “mountainous” scale.



Paradigm lost, paradigm found
Nicholas Sykes
will discuss the educational challenges posed by the Electric Universe, seeing these challenges in terms of new opportunities for “paradigm renewal.”


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Astronomer Halton Arp, known to all whoʼve followed the progress of the Electric Universe movement, will receive the annual Sagnac Award for lifetime achievement in astronomy and cosmology.

Dr. Arpʼs colleague, David Russell, will present a milestone paper updating issues of “discordant redshift,” where distances can be calculated independently from redshift. The distinguished expert on structured water, Gerald Pollack, of the University of Washington, will speak on “The Secret Life of Water” (Perhaps you didnʼt know that water has electrical, plasmalike qualities?)

Also present at the event will be Stephen Smith, editor of the Thunderbolts Picture of the Day; the accomplished and versatile film producer Ben Ged Low, known to many in the Electric Universe movement; and television documentary producer, writer, and director, Mark Bender, who wrote and directed the recent NatGeo documentary, “Easter Island Eclipse.”

Cameras will likely be running, perhaps with opportunities for you to have a moment of your own in the Sun!


If you are not in the NPAʼs World Science Database, the first step is to “register,” so that you are in the database (this is not a mailing list.) Then you can proceed with full registration for the event.


Our logistics coordinator Mark Spann is available to assist with any issues of registration, transportation, carpooling, dorm or hotel room sharing. Mark is an exceptionally friendly and resourceful fellow. Just email him with a question, or ask for a phone call. Mark's email:


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