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October 30, 2008

Remembering the End of the World - (Excerpts)

Golden Age and Doomsday
Mother Goddess & the Dragon


In 1996, several years before the birth of the Thunderbolts Project, a documentary film was completed, called "Remembering the End of the World." Based on nearly 25 years of systematic research and cross-cultural comparison by comparative mythologist David Talbott, the film reconstructed a cosmic drama, when planets hung in the sky close to the earth--an epoch of celestial wonder giving way to overwhelming terror. For Talbott, the film's release proved remarkably fortuitous, as it led to his convergence with Wallace Thornhill later that year. Indeed, Thornhill's vision of the Electric Universe offered Talbott a new understanding of the ancient events discussed in "Remembering." The events were undeniable electrical.

This highly visual presentation offered new answers to enigmas that have baffled experts for centuries. Why did every ancient civilization celebrate a former "Age of the Gods," an age claimed to have ended in earth-threatening disaster? What was meant by the lost "Golden Age"? Why did ancient sky worshippers refer to the remote Saturn as a former "sun"? Why was Venus worshipped as the "Mother Goddess" in every ancient astronomy? And why did both Old and New World astronomers celebrate the planet Mars as a great warrior, whose battles shook the heavens?

In the past ten years the physical and theoretical underpinnings of the reconstruction have grown beyond anyone's earlier expectations. But "Remembering the End of the World" provides an enchanting look at the spectacular formations once seen in our sky, based on the historical evidence alone. It is an excellent starting point for anyone wanting to know what the convergence of Talbott's and Thornhill's work could mean for the future of science and for our understanding of the human past.
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Mythscape: Remembering the End of the World
Mythscape: Remembering the End of the World DVD. A video documentary that could change everything you thought you knew about planetary history.
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Thunderbolts of the Gods
Thunderbolts of the Gods by David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill introduces the reader to an age of planetary instability and earthshaking electrical events in ancient times. The 108-page full-color monograph, based on the life work of the two authors, offers a revolutionary synthesis of historical investigation and the newly-discovered "Electric Universe."
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Thunderbolts - The Tutorial
Thunderbolts of the Gods is now packaged with the 65-minute DVD, “Thunderbolts - The Tutorial.” This film introduces you to the key themes of the theory, and includes interviews with the principal figures in Electric Universe research.

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