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Electric Universe Predictions
by Michael Goodspeed


Readers who have been frequenting these pages for any length of time have no doubt noticed our references to the predictive successes of the Electric Universe model. The point cannot be repeated too often; the strength of any scientific theory or model must ultimately lie in its predictive record.

This video presents only a few of the explicit predictions made by the leading proponent of the Electric Universe, Wallace Thornhill. For a full, comprehensive overview of EU predictions, please visit the new Thunderbolts predictions page.

It must also be noted that the implicit predictions of the EU model have proved vastly more successful than the "mainstream" ones. For instance, no one can argue that the "astonishing" outburst of Comet Holmes 17P was "predictable" nor even understandable by mainstream scientists. The same can be said of many other recent data and discoveries, from the validation of the electric Sun/Earth connection, to the observation of "impossibly" huge cosmic "voids", to the ongoing "mystery" of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays, to anomalous (i.e. electrical) space weather. In other words, far more often than not, we are seeing precisely what one should expect if the predominant force in the heavens is electricity, not gravity.
Michael Goodspeed

For more info visit Thunderbolts' new predictions page

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