Saturn, Mars and Venus in Modern Consciousness

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Saturn, Mars and Venus in Modern Consciousness

Unread post by polarityparadox » Tue May 27, 2008 7:44 pm

I cut and pasted this from a another thread that veered a little off topic and I thought that it deserved its own thread for further development. I would be interested to hear of others insights in regards to the below ideas....

We keep bringing up here on this forum the idea that electricity affects consciousness, I say the evidence is all around us that it is in fact happening right in front of our eyes! Consciousness is accelerating, both positively AND negatively. Consciousness is being potentiated as we speak.

I see that the primal archetypes of this whole saturn evolution hypothesis are alive and powerful in modern consciousness today. Note the complete electrical analogies the matrix series emphasizes, note the the lord of the ring series with it's ring (of saturn) of power and the great burning eye on the column that creates death and destruction. Notice how Moloch, a huge owl (saturn) is "worshipped" in Bohemian Grove by the world elite bankers, royalty and politicians (just google this, very bizarre yet true). Suddenly you begin to consider that there is a hidden theme here that runs deep, real deep, the ancient desire for the return of the "gods" with all their "plasma" powers. The insane elite are dialed into this, I think, look at all their fascination with EM manipulation.

Look carefully at common culture. Have you noticed all the trilogies that have come out: the matrix series, the lord of the rings, spiderman, the pirates of the caribbean; shades here of the three fold conjunction, no less. Check out the new movie Ironman, I was shocked at how perfectly they modelled saturn, mars and venus through the actors and roles, and in the context of plasma arc technology no less!!

In particular, consider the various works of Stanley Kubrick. His movie 2001: A space odyssey was originally going to have the mission going to saturn! The reason this did not happen was that the requisite technology did not exist at that time to properly render the rings and Stanley, being the consummate perfectionist that he was, just couldn't have that! (and perhaps he didn't want to reveal too much...??) Look closely at the shape of the ship in the movie. If you were overlay it on the planet saturn, it would look exactly like the configuration as traced out by the work of Talbott, Cardona, etc.!!!!! The round bulge at the head of the ship is venus and rest of the ship is an imitation of the plasma column. Part way down it you have a thing sticking out that would be mars moving up and down it. In the beginning of the movie you have the men going into space to see the monolith and the space station they go to is an excellent artistic rendition of grand conjunction with its four! spokes (familiar anyone?!). And there is so much more, go watch the movie with new eyes. You get the realization that his whole movie was an artistic depiction/rendition about the changes in human consciousness caused by the destruction of the saturn configuration and how humanity will be redeemed in a type of Jupiter-like transformation of consciousness....

His last movie before his death, Eyes Wide Shut, is also full of saturn imagery, there were christmas trees in so many scenes and as we know that is a premier saturn symbol. The whole movie focuses on a secret society and I suspect that he was linking certain societies with saturn and its worship.

And most amazing of all, look at the three presidential runners, John McCain, the obvious saturn figure, then you have Clinton, clearly venus, and then Obama, the charismatic Mars. What is going on here?? The hidden psychology of ancient saturn reality is welling up in human consciousness faster and faster because of the higher and higher potential of energy building up all around us. We are, I believe, supposed to throw off these old archetypes of domination from our modern, newly birthing consciousness: true sovereignty consciousness. How to do so is the great quest(ion)! The next few years promise to be very interesting, no doubt about it...

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Re: Saturn, Mars and Venus in Modern Consciousness

Unread post by moses » Wed May 28, 2008 12:58 am

Will you find the Saturn System in Shakespeare ? I think it is part
of memory rather than consciousness. But as we think more about
the Saturn System memories of it will resonate and arise into
consciousness, and with these memories there is also the trauma.
The unresolved energy of past catastrophes. This is no cold, sterile,
scientific subject. It is a venture into our deepest and darkest psyche.
As we peel the onion we can expect energetic events. Both in ourselves
and in humanity.


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