Internet forums - Babylon Towers

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Internet forums - Babylon Towers

Unread post by rangerover777 » Sun May 04, 2008 7:51 am

Since I post in this forum, I also care to my environment.
I can spot very interesting topics, links and personal opinions, but not many
of those. I’m sure you are aware of some of those.

To me it look like Babylon Tower of the 21st century. It’s not only EU forum but all
forums on the internet suffering the same disadvantages :

1. Linear posting, replies and viewing : If post reply # 24 in a thread is very interesting and
thorough, then post #25 or #26 could be “empty” / changing of subject / full of links / opposite
opinion / personal reply, etc. Then #24 - is gone from the other readers view (since they
will read the last two posts), stripped from it’s value and meaning. No matter if
Albert Einstein himself will post his “Final Relativity“ theory. No matter if this is a breakthrough
point in science - it’s gone.
That happen because of the poor systems of the “internet forums” - they are all linear
Some entrepreneur should change it one day to a system that simulate a “meeting room” full of
people and that each person can talk and hear only with other personals that he/she have
chemistry with. Or only listen to selected personal without the necessity to contribute.
When everyone can meet anyone, talk and reply - it’s artificial. If it would happen in real
life - this system will collapse (by loosing interest).

Also If you go down a thread (of 300 - 1,500 post-replies), from the beginning to it’s end - you
want to stop only at the best posts or links, otherwise - it’s a waste of your time….

2. Too much information : To honestly explore the universe we don’t need much internet.
What we need is some basic information, mainly from books !!! Some internet websites
(much less then we think we need). And a lot of physical observations - tests, OUR
conclusions, OUR opinion, OUR words, OUR theories. No worry to be wrong, no big
deal once you realized that. 95% of the information available today on each topic, is
not necessary - But very very tempting. And because it’s tempting it will diverting from
your focus and eventually you will find yourself in an orbit.

3. Confusing terminology : Many times I read “The centrifugal force, that cause by the
plasmatic oscillation, create an electric charge that separate the photons from their
electrons, which cause an immediate negative charge to deflect the positron…..”
If I will ask you only 10 questions about each of the terms you are using, examining
how deep your understanding goes - you’ll get to a dead end very quickly, not because
of I know more then you, or I asked tricky questions, but because these terms are EMPTY
unless you have a SOUND BASE. Unless your understanding brought you there, not others
theories and explanations - It goes back to yourself and have nothing to do with science.
So, we are posting and replying using terms we don’t deeply understanding and read others
Terms which we don’t really understanding (only think or have associations that we do).
And the “harmony of chaos" - is the conductor….

4. Quality of posts : Whether it’s brilliant, funny, stupid, dam or just boring, really does not
matter, as long as it’s coming from you. The best cover ups are : “saying a lot and saying
nothing”, “pretending to know”, “using complex wording, math and terms”, sending to links
and other websites which you agree but cannot explain or understand them completely, etc.
The best posts I saw are coming from contributor’s understanding and some interesting links.
Some contributors are “Machine Gun Posters”, they are everywhere all over the place, posting
in an incredible speed, some posts can be very interesting but most are “missing bullets”.

5. People with no face : Well, that’s the internet. The good and the bad are always go together.
When it comes to internet forum, some “human inherited features” comes into play.
Above all is the artificial system that avoiding and re-routing the “real - life experience”
to other channels - a computer screen full of opinions and information.
And here we are missing an important ingredient - “the personal touch” and together with
that it’s really hard to reach a goal, good communication and interaction which leads to

6. Broken communication : The paradox here is that the forum exists so people can
communicate with each other, but if you take a close look it’s actually many sections of
broken communications. Even in the same thread you can rarely find the thread between
more then 3 - 5 posts in a row… And the illusion of communicating last very short terms.

7. What is the goal here ? If it’s to mingle, exchange thoughts, links, videos, argue, etc.
Then there is a great benefit to internet forums, “It provide the merchandise”.
When it come to : working as a group, getting down to conclusions, focusing on a thread,
“Leaving the meeting with feeling of accomplishment” - It does not do the job.

Conclusions : Babylon Tower is already here. To educate other - it’s impossible, but being
yourself and follow your understanding - is possible. Also developing forum programs that
allow the administrators to highlight or isolate quality posts, without hearting other contributors
feelings. A much more individual program that could introduce the “matching personals” - could help.

Special thanks to the EU Moderators and Administrator - although you are carry heavy load of
work running EU forum, you are doing a great service, much of it behind the scene.
Since EU is a newborn forum, it have the potential to manage itself like no other forum ever did before.

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Re: Internet forums - Babylon Towers

Unread post by junglelord » Sun May 04, 2008 8:07 am

Excellent post on the human condition. Positively must have a Magentic Personality.
If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.
— Nikola Tesla
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Re: Internet forums - Babylon Towers

Unread post by Grey Cloud » Sun May 04, 2008 9:16 am

Rangerover777 raised some good points there. Not sure what the solution(s) might be though.
'People with no face' (great phrase) - I think that in regular conversation we pick up a lot more from facial expressions and general body language than we realise. I don't know about anyone else but I find it extremely difficult to wave my arms about while typing.
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but people delight in complexity.
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Re: Internet forums - Babylon Towers

Unread post by junglelord » Sun May 04, 2008 2:55 pm

One thing is for sure the linear way information is stored can be slow going depending on the direction of the thread and the forum and the way the individual learns and where they are on the journey. That got me to thinking that we are discussing serious and complex matters. Everything is related (wholistic) but it does help to break it down into parts (reductionism). Everyone however learns in a different way, some more linear, some more eureka, but all with varying combinations of these two. Some use their heart, some more their brain, some more their gut. We need to recognize these facts about the human condition and the way knowledge is learned is not universal, it is infact quite individual. We can set up limits to these different approaches to the sharing of knowledge or lack of knowledge in a better way if we seperate and isolate both the basics and wholistics frameworks while we consider the human condition is individual.

I think one primary effort of any vision in cosmology is a workable TOE in the end if the vision is broad enough and comprehensive enough. I believe the EU steers us in that direction. That is wholistic.

Certainly we need to have full and complete basics to achieve a wholistic theory.

That is why I have made percise threads to address basics (reductionism). Maxwell and Faraday and Tesla and Electric Theory is a good example. The basics begin much before that however. It serves everyones purpose if we have threads that serve as vehicles for the basics. The current state of affairs in modern cosmology and the standard model would seem to deserve a through re examination of everything.

Very little seems fact except the existance of EM Radiation and the Weak Force of W Z Bosons.

We have not isolated gluons (strong force), gravitons (gravity) and therefore dispite all the evidence we still have only articles of faith on these two forces. Even angular momentum is questionable especially if QM is not correct. What about Relativity?

I think a search for complete TOE models would serve everyone well if they could just be presented as such (wholistic) especially because of the human condition. You can learn a TOE in a lifetime, you may learn it in a day. It is never the same for anyone, it is individual because we are human.

I think the basics reduction threads that make these TOE Fabrics are very much open to debate in their respective threads(reductionism) because of the state of cosmology and the standard model and the human condition.

TOEs can be difficult to understand or very easy, but I think they should stand alone for everyones learning curve in that direction (wholistic). Then the reader can decide for themself if it has weaved the threads of reductionsim into a fabric of realtiy (wholistic). This would allow for the human condition to be individual and that is most important with wholistic information. Certainly what threads one chooses and the threads available and what makes the threads is all up for debate in the world of reductionism. That would be where we would hash out the basics threads of reductionism. Not in wholistic packages.

Certainly the ability to search the forum for insightful and effecient new and possibly correct TOE paradigms would be facilitaed by such an approach. Thats why I am very specific when I have a question about the standard model or accepted theory (reductionism). How can a TOE model work unless one can reference it to the basic threads? Somehow we must be both teachers and students to each other. I like to have places for people to visit my threads. I also like to share my TOEs, but I like to keep each seperate for linear sake and storage space and time effecieny while being worth the visit.

You very quickly muddy the fabric if you rehash some foregone assumptions with the TOE model (wholeistic) and they should stand on their own merit. That merit may or may not appeal to different individuals depending on their specific human conditon, but the threads they dislike deserve debate in the reduction thread only.

Therefore wholistic has so many different things to bear under a new weave that only people at that journey may accept the cloth, no matter how right anything may be, we are human and we must not forget that.

We can collect specimens as it were that allow quick yet effecient information files for a reductionism library. As well we can have nice and flowing TOEs (wholistic) Library that stand on their own merit by the way they weave the threads into the reality fabric (reductions into wholism).

Certainly that would save a lot of heated debate over wholistic ideas that bother reductionst viewpoints. Leave the specific reductionism for good direct threads that do seperate these complex issues. I even made a thread devoted to commonalites in TOES. This allows for the human condition and time and space effecieny again. I think I have all the bases covered to run the linen factory.....LOL, seperate threads by colour, seperate fabrics by material, just like laundry. ... f=10&t=500

What do you all think? Should I be hung out to dry?
If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.
— Nikola Tesla
Casting Out the Nines from PHI into Indigs reveals the Cosmic Harmonic Code.
— Junglelord.
Knowledge is Structured in Consciouness. Structure and Function Cannot Be Seperated.
— Junglelord


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