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Dec 24, 2016

View this email in your browser Latest on Youtube  |  The Picture of the Day  |  Donate  |  Forum  |  Store  December 24, 2016 Dear EU Friends,For a review of The Thunderbolts Project activity over the past year, please see the brief summary below.In considering this progress, achieved at minimal cost, we hope you will also consider a year-end …

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History of Electric Comet Theory: Part 2

Thunderblog -- great-comet_of_1811

History of Electric Comet Theory: Part 2 By Hannes Täger Ph.D. General knowledge and understanding of electricity progressed at an exponential rate in the late 18th century as electricity increasingly offered new and feasible explanations for hitherto mysterious natural phenomena. Scientists across Europe and the World wrote a vast number …

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EU2017 — schedule

CONFERENCE SCHEDULE  The schedule is a work in progress and subject to change without notice. Thursday, August 17 2:00 PM Registration Desk Opens: Canyon Ballroom Foyer 5:30  Meet and Greet in Breakout Room: Canyon ABC 7:00 MC Dr. Donald Scott: Welcome  David Talbott: Opening Remarks 7:15 Dr. Gerald Pollack: Weather and EZ …

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Charge Fluctuation

  Sep 29, 2016 The Sun’s activity remains mysterious. Among heliophysicists it is commonly thought that the Sun accelerates charged particles into space in the same way that sound waves are amplified. Solar energy is said to travel outward from the interior through “acoustical wave-guides”, known as magnetic flux tubes. Spicules …

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