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EU2014 — speakers

  Leading the Way Two preeminent spokesmen for the Electric Universe, Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott, will present at EU2014, each adding powerful new material. Watch as the Speaker’s List builds over the coming weeks with terrific newcomers as well as a full complement of Thunderbolts mainstays.  Of particular note, Dr. Donald Scott will…

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Shots in the Dark Part Two

Sep 20, 2011 The previous Picture of the Day described several of the many myths that refer to a celestial chain of arrows or a celestial ladder. It asked, how is this theme to be explained? A significant pointer is the realisation that stories concerning the arrow-chain form a subset…

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Vesta’s Big Sister

  Jun 23, 2016 The dwarf planet Ceres shares many characteristics with other rocky bodies. NASA launched the Dawn spacecraft on September 27, 2007. Its scientific observations of the asteroid Vesta began on July 17, 2011 and ended on September 5, 2012 when Dawn fired-up its ion thruster engine and headed toward…

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