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EU2020:VISION will present a clear view of our cosmic history and the electrical nature of the universe.

Explore the unified underpinnings of the natural world. Witness how horizons expand through interdisciplinary collaboration and synthesis. Discover electric patterns repeating themselves at all scales, from the tiny world of the atom to the far reaches of space. Consider as well the electricity of life and the role of frequencies and resonance in biological systems. See how electricity helped researchers penetrate the great mysteries of the past as well as the origins of mythic archetypes.

EU2020:VISION will not just challenge today’s most popular scientific assumptions, it will highlight the greatest misunderstanding of all—the claim that highly energetic events across the cosmos can be understood through the action of gravity alone.

By seeing past that misinterpretation, the pioneers of the Electric Universe are moving the space sciences into new frontiers of discovery.  After more than a century of laboratory experiments with electric fields and electric discharge, our electrical theorists asked the critical question: could the Sun be the local focus of galactic electric currents, with sufficient potential to explain why the Sun shines? Recently, that question was substantially answered by the independent SAFIRE Project, confirming the electrical attributes of the Sun.

It’s also reasonable to ask if it was electromagnetic forces that brought forth and organized our planetary system across its evolutionary history. Did intense electrical activity carve the surfaces of planets and moons, leaving telltale scars for all to see? Could these events have extended into geologically recent times–or even into the formative phases of the ancient civilizations themselves? In following the global evidence for the Electric Universe, participants in EU2020:VISION will find a ground-breaking interdisciplinary synthesis, connecting our own planetary history to a vast complex of cross-cultural memories.

If it happens you are new to the Electric Universe, our promise is this: Join us at EU2020:VISION and you will never perceive the natural world the same again


We are pleased to announce that the EU2020:VISION Keynote address will highlight the achievements of The Safire Project and will be presented by Director Montgomery Childs and team member, Dr. Michael Clarage.

In addition, the mainstays of the Electric Universe community join with leading pioneers in the sciences to review promising frontiers of discovery. Watch over the coming weeks for the Schedule presentation titles and for talk descriptions and bios at the Speakers page. The Schedule is subject to change without notice.

Special Events

The Special Events agenda includes the FREE opening session on Thursday evening, the Breakout Rooms, and other events yet to be determined. No private EU Geology tour is planned at this time.

Rebroadcasting Ticket Sales

Watch this space for the Rebroadcasting Ticket Sales link. If you cannot attend the EU2020 conference in person, you can watch the EU2020 Rebroadcast after the event. For those of you attending the conference, you might want to relive the experience.  Or catch your favorite talks for further reflection and study. The rebroadcast will begin by June 27, 2020.

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EU2020:VISION is supported by the Mainwaring Archive Foundation and other advocates of The Thunderbolts Project.

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